Da Kine Numbah Chree

Oy. Poor bloggie, suffering in da heat and smoke and Mokihana’s hurt knee.  Finally da rains wen come, and da smoke wen disappear after burning thousands of acres, set off by some lolo kid/s who thought that throwing fireworks into dry brush would be fun. This was just one of many photos I took from our lānai showing how thick the smoke was.

We did get to watch the eclipse over at Olson Farms. It was pretty amazing; the light was kinda wierd.

I got this almost-cool shot of the setting sun through the smoke.

Our old toaster died, and it’s all my fault.


More about that later. (We’re fine.)

I finished knitting and felting this bag.  The button is handmade from Kamani wood by a dear friend who got it in Hawaiʻi.

I saw this cool car at the gas station.

Nolemana and I ate lunch here one day.

I made tons of zucchini bread and still have more to do.

Hmmm… they were all covered, but there seem to be paw prints in one of them.

So yeah, my knee? Well, it started hurting at the beginning of August.  It got to the point where I couldn’t even walk without Nolemana’s help.  My Dr finally got back from vacation and gave me a cortisone shot, which helped a lot. But gradually, my knee’s been swelling more and more and is extremely painful again. I couldn’t even do much at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival yesterday. Big time wai maka about that.  I see Dr again tomorrow, and I want some answers as to what I can do to make it better. This is the pits.

K’den. Pau foa now. Mālama pono.

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4 Responses to Da Kine Numbah Chree

  1. Michelle says:

    At least you got to go to OFFF! Sorry about the knee, though; I have some experience with that (ongoing) and it’s NO FUN. 😦

    • Mokihana says:

      I mostly sat down at OFFF, but did make it to Nathan’s WooLee Winder booth to try out the WooLee Ann. It’s fabulous! I saw some friends, and got together with a few members of the My Knitting Has Cat Hair In It group from Ravelry. I’ll be posting about it soon.

      You’re right…knee stuff is NO FUN!! Sorry you have to deal with it as well.

  2. AFK says:

    Aue, Moki-chan, waimaka fo shua. Tanks fo sharin yo pichas. Nani, da bag. And you doin’ da babooze-in-suspense ting again–I like know what happened to yo toastah.

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