Riding Virtual Shotgun to Colorado, Part Six

Let’s see…where were we?  I texted Suzette: “Have you gotten to Creston Junction yet?” Her reply: “Passed”.  Rats. I missed them again. I asked if they’d gotten to Sinclair yet, and she said no. They crossed the Continental Divide again and then saw a sign that said, “Blowover risk Wolcott Junction…winds 50+ mph”. Ack!!! They were driving a kind of tall truck, too. Wolcott Junction was one of the places where I thought I might be able to catch them. Because try look what a long view of the highway it is!


(photo used with the kind permission of WYDOT.)

They stopped here at the Flying J for fuel.


I laughed and told Suzette I sure wasn’t getting much done that day and that this was ‘way more fun than housework. I asked her to let me know when they were almost to Sinclair and she said she would. They were 3 miles from that town, and since Wyoming webcams are better than Idaho ones, I thought I could see them there. She told me that the blowover risk was all the way from Walcott Junction to Laramie! Eek!  So I checked the webcams between those two areas and texted back that there were a lot of semis on the road and that everything looked okay.

This is the Sinclair Refinery, about milepost 221.


I was waiting right there, hoping that the webcam photo would refresh right as they drove by. But nope. It didn’t, even though Suzette waved as they went by it.  I told her I’d try at Wolcott Junction and she said, “At least we are big and yellow!” Very true. Even now, whenever I see a Penske truck, I think of this road trip.

I watched for yellow. And big.

Suzette sent me a photo of Elk Mountain.


It really is beautiful, if lonely, country.

Then she texted me and said, “Off topic…got Ginny’s (from FatCatKnits) email about all her colorways being available for a week…so tempting.” I’d gotten the same email and how tempting it was, and thus began a fiber/spinning discussion.

Suzette: “I don’t NEED fiber. LOL…but color!”

Me: “I know!”

That discussion was interrupted by her photos of fabulous lenticular clouds.



Me: “How did you know I love lenticular clouds!!”

Suzette: “180 miles to [Colorado destination!]”

Me: “You’re gonna make it!” (Their goal was this day.)

Suzette: “I do, too! I think we can…I think we can..I think we can!” (with train icons)

More Elk Mountain: **


Suzette took a phone call, and I asked where we were now. We were having freezing rain here at home.

They were 90 miles from Cheyenne.



I asked if they were past Laramie yet, but they weren’t, yet. I was going to try and catch them there. Suzette had been on the phone with her daughter, and her daughter’s husband laughed and called me a stalker!  I guess I really was, kinda sorta.

I told her how I was loving taking this road trip with her and she said she loved that I was with her, too. She certainly wasn’t having a boring trip with me along!

It was getting late in the day. Suzette wished the big mirror wasn’t in the way, but I didn’t care.


It began snowing in earnest here, and Nolemana and I needed to go salt the driveway so we could hopefully get out the next day. I told Suzette that I really needed to write a blog post about this whole adventure. (The road trip, not salting the driveway.) She said yes to that and said it’d be okay to use her photos.  Hahahahaha. A single blog post. As if there would be just one. Here I am on Part Six already, and I’m not pau yet!

Taking a break to salt the driveway curve is a good place to end this post. Stay tuned…the adventure will continue.

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4 Responses to Riding Virtual Shotgun to Colorado, Part Six

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, Suzette’s road trip story is a good example of how to keep baboozes in suspense! “Will Mokihana finally catch a glimpse of Suzette’s big yellow truck on the webcam at Wolcott Junction? Will Suzette finally make it to Colorado? Tune in next time for the continuing saga of ‘How Mokihana Spent Her Sick Days!'”

    (I have the same dilemma that you & Suzette do with your fiber stash that I do with my paper stash–I don’t need more paper for projects, but wow, that paper is SO PRETTY!)

    • Mokihana says:

      Haha! Suspense is right! So much fun, and I hope the baboozes love it! So true, how I spent my sick days.

      What do you do with your paper? I bet you’re creative as heck! Paper, fiber, all calling our names… and we are lost…

  2. Mokihana says:

    Yeah, that’s the trouble!

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