Andy Bumatai’s Kakaroach Story

OMG u guys. Get one group on Facebook called The Daily Pidgin with Andy Bumatai. Is one shaka group wea he posts all kine pidgin stuffs.

Now first of all, Andy is one fantastic comedian, and I tink he wen find his niche in Da Daily Pidgin show. So many peepo post about how much dey like um, and send in videos of demselves saying “howzit”.

A few days ago, Andy wen talk about kakaroaches, and dat wen prompt tons of peepo foa write in wit dea own kakaroach story (me included). And nemmine he wen post my comment about B-52s and 747s…da most important ting? Watch alla way to da end of da video and laugh yoa ʻokole off as u listen and watch his story of da Oklahoma Kakaroach race dat J Akuhead Pupule and him wen cook up. Awreddy I wen watch um at least four times cuz stay so funny. And eh, if u stay Facebook, be shua and join da group, yeah?

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2 Responses to Andy Bumatai’s Kakaroach Story

  1. pamela m oakland hebert says:

    notin like cookeeng dinnah and having one b52 lan on your neck howz dat!awe! talk about waiving da arms mauka makai daimond head ewa! hoooweee! chicken skin ! eeee! aloha, yah!. displaced pamela mokihana fish outta watah mainland locked. awe!! i cryin no can come home . cannot afford da rent of da closit even. call me cry babe! i aready know i am one. so!

    • Mokihana says:

      So true, yeah? Waving da arms mauka makai diamond head ewa! I love dat!!!! Too funny u!! I know watchu mean, tita.. no can afford to go home… Eh, mahalo nui foa taking da time foa write da cool peecha of da arm wavin.. dats jass wat I wen do wen da B-52 wen fly down my back!!

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