Holoholo I Dallesport, Chapter Two

K’den, let’s go across the bridge!

We’d never been across this bridge before, and liked that it isn’t a toll bridge. Though really…$1.50 isn’t a big deal.

Big, yeah?

The State line is right in the middle of the river.

Oh, u like see wea? Check it out.

Nolemana managed to get a quick photo of part of the dam.

We got to our appointment; the house was less than five minutes from here. During our time of driving the comparable sales, we took a few photos…like of this old tractor. I love it!

Oh. U wanna know about da pokey wheel da kines? Well, I’ll tell you..I learned about it one year at the Great Oregon Steam-Up. If you’re kinda in the area and have never attended this, plan to. It’s absolutely fabulous.  Anyway, the rear wheels are like that because in Oregon the fields get so muddy, and the pokey wheels can navigate through the mud much better. Cool, yeah?

This is the tiny Post Office in Dallesport. I should’ve mailed something from here.

This is really hard to see; this house had all kine birdhouses on the pole.

We were getting hungry and were pau in Dallesport, so we headed back to The Dalles, where we were gonna each lunch.

See that road going up the hill? That’s Highway 197, which travels south down to Bend and beyond.

And there’s the bridge from the Washington side of the river.

And here we go. It hadn’t stopped raining this whole time, except thankfully, when Nolemana was measuring the exterior of the house we were appraising.

That green sign says, “Columbia River”. Just in case people didn’t know.

My friend Dan, who’s a semi-truck driver, says that going over bridges like this with a wide load is always a little dicey, (Oh, try wait. I guess the new word is “sketchy”), especially when the wind blows hard, which it frequently does over rivers.

Was kinda fun that “Aloha ʻOe” was playing on Pandora as we said goodbye to Dallesport. (See AFK? I wen take your suggestion!)

Just then, my memory card got totally full, so we had to use Nolemana’s camera for the rest of the photos. It has an annoying time stamp and the resolution isn’t as good, but no worries. We got photos, and that’s what’s important, yeah?

We were hungry, so we stopped for lunch, which turned out to be breakfast, at Momma Jane’s Pancake House (thanks, Yelp!). You can read my review here and see photos our our breakfast, too. Was ʻono! (Hint: I had lemon/blueberry pancakes with lemon sauce.)

We took some photos of cool buildings on our way out of town.

Well, I can see that we’re gonna need a Part Three, so I’m gonna say pau for now (poet that I am…lol).

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2 Responses to Holoholo I Dallesport, Chapter Two

  1. AFK says:

    When my odder half and I travel, accompanying music is essential. I still associate certain songs with certain spots in our travel together.
    “Aloha `Oe” is especially appropriate given the lyric in the first verse: “Proudly swept the rain by the cliffs/As it glided through the trees.”
    (PS – dat tractor is cool! Love the back wheels!)

    • Mokihana says:

      Oh yeah, us too. We tried listening to books on CD once, but with all the photos I had Nolemana take, it didn’t work well. Mahalo for posting da lyric in da first verse of Aloha ʻOe… perfect.

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