Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Four-2

K’den, let’s go inside The Price Tag antique store and find some treasures.

I really like that speed limit sign! The shop was going to close in about twenty minutes, so we were zooming around looking at stuff. Definitely not obeying the speed limit!

Lookee at all the treasures. I coulda used the flagger’s stop sign, too. It’d be fun to put that one and the speed limit one on our driveway.

Want a fabulous grandfather clock? Or an old piano? Or how about this fancy kine table setting?

Try look alla stuffs!!!

We had to leave, though I coulda stayed there for a long time more. All the built-in drawers alone fascinated me, and it would have been fun to open them up to see what was inside. But it was already past closing time, so we had to go.  The owners were so friendly, letting us stay for ten minutes longer than they needed to. We bought a couple of small things from them.

This is the Shoshone County Courthouse. The U’s look like V’s, old style kine writing.

Wallace City Hall and Fire Department.

Dang. This place was closed. The Oasis Bordello Museum. Now that woulda been fun to go into.  Try go here to see all kine images of da inside!

We really needed to get going, so we took a last tour through the rest of Wallace.

We loved this!  All the bears climbing up the tree to get the honey. Right in front of someone’s house…it’s like a small kine porch/street light. So clever.

We took photos of some really cool houses in town. I love this one.

I could see myself sitting out on this porch and handspinning, watching and talking to people walking by.

Big and little, right next to each other.

Mining stuffs were naturally all over the place. What it must have been like here in the heyday of mining! I need to think about this, though. You can’t grow a car…or a building. Still yet…I get this. Funny.

Needless to say, we had to stop here. Not just because of the old mining cart, but try look in back of it!!!!

OMG. I knew my brother Kaniela would love this, too. I wish I knew what year and model it was.

We headed down another street, and were reminded that Wallace sits right up against the mountains. I would love to see the town when it’s snowed!

This is the United Methodist Church. It’s a lovely building.

OMG again. A 1942 Pontiac. If I had tons of kala, I would’ve bought it. $7500.00. That’s all.

Or how about this Smeal Company old bus? What a treasure!! I could go glamping in this thing.

All too soon yet again, we had to leave. We needed to get to Coeur d’Alene to our motel. We had another long day of driving coming up the next day, so reluctantly we began driving out of town, crossing this river as we went.

I think this is the Coeur d’ Alene River.

Aloha ʻoe e Wallace…weʻll be back someday!

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2 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Four-2

  1. AFK says:

    Ho da cool, dat shop. And a bordello museum? Wow.

    Funny story – on a flight back from Hawai`i, I struck up a conversation with a friendly guy who was also waiting to use da lua. He said he’d told his wife he had to go on a business trip to a town outside of Seattle, but his wife looked at him skeptically. He couldn’t figure out WHY she didn’t believe that he was going to a place called Brothel on business! I said “Um, braddah, the town is called ‘Bothell.’ ‘Brothel’ is a house of prostitution!'” He looked at me for a long second, then burst out laughing.

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