Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Four

K’den, let’s start off with a video this time. We’re heading makai over Lookout Pass, almost to Wallace, Idaho.  Gosh, seeing these videos again makes me long for another road trip!

Wallace has a very interesting past. Try look here.  And read this:

Danger, intrigue, passion, great wealth, heroics and comedy are set against the breathtaking backdrop of northern Idaho’s Bitterroot mountains. Those are the elements of the 12 decade story of Wallace. The entire town of Wallace, Idaho is on the national Historic Register.

Imagine that. The entire town, every single building, is a treasure. Which is why we wanted to take a quick peek through the town.

Here’s the main street where we came into town.

love these old buildings! Already I was jazzed, and we’d barely gotten into town.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before (I think I might have), but I absolutely adore hardware stores!  Especially old ones like this one. I love the old wooden floors, I love the shelves of interesting tools and hardware, and I especially love the non-modern atmosphere of them. I usually don’t even suggest to Nolemana that we stop; he has learned that it’s a given.

Okay, barring an earthquake, which would dump me down into the street, this is the kind of place where I’d love to live for awhile. Look how it juts out over the rest of the building! A turret room; I could be the princess in there.

The smoke house. We didn’t stop there. LOL. But I loved the look of the building.

Try look the old mining car out front! Inside the building, people can buy tickets for a mine tour. I’m too claustrophobic to do anything lidat, but I think Nolemana woulda.

See ‘way down at the end of the street? I’m pretty sure that’s a (very steep) walkway up to the mine.

Rooms for rent here.

“‘This used to be a pretty wild place,” said the mayor. “‘Good Lord, probably every building with an upstairs once was a whorehouse. People ought to be interested in seeing that, don`t you think?'”

The last brothel closed in 1990.

This is the Wallace Railroad Museum. I really wanted to take a look inside, but it was too late in the day.

I wish we’d gotten into town earlier so that we’d had time to explore some of these shops.

We were driving through the town, meandering back and forth through the streets.  And try look: there’s my princess tower from a different angle!  And, if you wanted to buy any mining stocks, there’s the Pennaluna & Co Mining Stocks building.

Oh my gosh! Another tower, this one at the Mining Museum. Ummm… do you suppose that’s where the ladies of the night stood, enticing customers to come upstairs? It’s a pretty perfect location for that. (I like my princess room idea moa betta.)

Well, guess what?  We found one store still open. For only about another thirty minutes. So we pulled over. The other reason we decided to go here was the address was the same as my birthday. Buwaaaahhaaaa…

Wallace, Idaho

Wallace, Idaho

We’ll go inside the store next time. I don’t want to post too many photos all at once, just in case anybody stay on dial-up.

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7 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Thirty-Four

  1. Shoshi says:

    What gorgeous views, Mokihana, and lovely old buildings – quite different from anything we have here in the UK! I love being an armchair traveller lol! Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. I have been learning the art of pacing for 8 years now with my M.E. (it’s the only way to manage the fatigue) and thought I’d got it down to a fine art, but throw cancer into the loop and all the lessons I learnt have gone out the window lol!! Anyway, after seriously overdoing it the past few days, and crashing last night, today I was able to cook my first evening meal and it was a great success! My first appointment of this particular batch went well this morning, as well – the pre-assessment for my procedure next Wed. I’m feeling a lot more upbeat again now.

    The kitties send you purrs!


    • Mokihana says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I love being an armchair traveler too. I’m really sorry that you’re having to go through so much right now, and I hope my posts bring you joy and maybe a bit of a distraction. Good for you for cooking your first evening meal in awhile!!

  2. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, you and Nolemana no listen to mele while you guyz ste traveling? Oa mebbe you turn ’em off wen Nolemana ste taking da video?

    Next time you guys come to Seattle, I highly recommend Hardwick’s in the outskirts of the University District. It isn’t a traditional hardware store, and it’s a treasure trove.

    • Mokihana says:

      We wen turn off da Hawaiian mele while taking da videos, but from now on, I going leave um on. Moa fun, yeah? Good idea…mahalo!

      Oohhh… a hardware store to visit! I will definitely enforce a stop there next time we’re up. And our other forced stop will be kau kau with you and dat odda guy. U know da one.

  3. AFK says:

    Deah’s no guy odder dan minezes! Absolutely – get good kine local grindz up heah!

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