2015 Recap

I guess on this last day of 2015 I could do a recap of 2015, which seemed to go by so fast it made my head swim. No worry; I’m not gonna post 365 photos!

In January, ho da cold! Into the teens outside, and our heat pump wen broke. Thank goodness we could use the woodstove.

2 January

Snow on the mountain, which was going to disappear completely during the summer drought.

5 January2


This Cooper’s Hawk wanted to make a meal of my doves.

10 Februaryc

And I lost a friend.

12 February1


One of the biggest highlights of the year, when my cousins came to town, and our ʻohana got together.

26 March

Oops! at the gym.

17 March


Saw this ‘way cool speedboat on her way to the museum.

9 April-7a


13 April


Lunch at Patrick’s Hawaiian Cafe in Vancouver with my beautiful daughter, Leilani.

5 May10

And this possum was trying to get into our bird seed container around midnight.

22 May1

And after him came this:

29 May1


We called out the exterminator to hemo this wasps’ nest.

6 June2

And the skunks brought their babies.


I got to spin with my dear friend Suzette on my birthday!

18 June3a

A dear friend, Rickie, of Raven Ridge Fiber Arts, came to town, and we met at Pearl Fiber Arts in downtown Portland. What a treat!

25 June2a

I called 911 because of a fast-moving brush fire in Boring. The heat has been unreal.



Our lānai garden is looking great!

10 July

13 July

And of course, there was the Tour de Fleece!



Ho da stinkin’ hot!

30 July

Our poor exterminator, Brian, got stung ukubillion times when he was trying to spray the yellow jackets in front of our rental house. Auwe.

21 August-5


I had a flat tire, and when the guy jacked it up, his jack slipped and this happened. Kudos to the tow company; they made it good.

1 Sept3

We had a fabulous visit with special friends, Ray and Judy, from Calgary! Ray produces the online radio shows on Sunday Side Up. My favorite is Embers of the Day (scroll down on the link to see it). Ray and I have been online friends for years, and I was so delighted to meet both of them in person.

7 September2

On my way to spinning with Suzette, I took this photo of Willamette Falls in Oregon City. I’ve never seen them so dry.

10 September

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival!



Goats at Olson Farms’ Pumpkin Festival

10 October3

Gotta have at least one train photo in here!! In Canby, after a spinning date with Suzette.


At Boring Bark.


Getting my kawila fixed from the jack slippage.



The month started out great with the big anniversary celebration for my brother Kaniela and his lovely wife, Patty. Here’s a photo of me and my siblings, first time we’ve had one taken in years and years.


The next celebration was the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival in The Dalles; I went with my friend Carol, and we had a great time together.


We had a major windstorm, and our lānai looked like this the next morning.


I finished my tiger socks!


My Angel’s Trumpet stay blooming indoors.


We spent Thanksgiving Day at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.



I went to the kahakai with The Gathering.


On Pearl Harbor Day, we had a massive rainstorm in the area. I couldn’t get out of our road; I turned around and went back the other way.


The rain did a number on the road around the hill from us.


Nolemana and I went to a Christmas party across the road.


I went to a Christmas Eve service.


We had a lovely Christmas with our girls and son-in-love, and on the 27th I drove through a massive blizzard.


We lost one of our Jacob sheep, Paul, this summer. Titus is still with us, as is our llama, Rayado, and Ricky and Miss B.


Tonight it’s New Year’s Eve. Nolemana is sick and went to bed early. It’s gonna be in the 20’s again tonight and our heat pump is running almost continually. I’m sitting here at my computer with Kalakoa at my feet. It’s a very different kind of New Year’s Eve than what we used to have, with parties and games and stuff. But it’s okay. I’ll grab some knitting and as always, feel very grateful for those of you who read this small kine bloggie; I wish you all a blessed new year, with good things to come, and courage to face the difficult ones.

Hauʻoli makahiki hou!

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3 Responses to 2015 Recap

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. AFK says:

    Hau`oli makahiki hou, Moki-chan! What a truly beautiful array of photos. Da ones of your `ohana are so precious. And that one of Mount (Hood?) from January makes me sooo jealous–I wish I’d taken it.

    And wow, laulau, all da animals dat live around yo’ place!!! Good ting you nevah skeah da skunk!

    I’m sorry Nolemana is sick–I hope he feels better and you no catch ’em.

    Imua in 2016!

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