But wait! Get moa!

Ahahahaha!  I totally forgot that I took some shearing videos!!  U like see??  K’den!

No. Try wait. I didnʻt forget! I just wanted to make more shearing posts. Heh heh. (I also get one bridge in Arizona I could sell you.)

As Johnny said, “Now he looks like a show llama!”

This next one shows Titus getting sheared. He lies pretty quiet; sheep are pretty docile in this position, and will lie fairly still most of the time.

Well, most of the time, anyway. You can see how Johnny holds on to his “handles”, Titus’ horn. And if you listen closely, you can hear Johnny quietly reassuring Titus.  Also notice how carefully heʻs preserving the fleece for me to spin, taking it off as whole as possible.

And here, Johnny shows Danny how trimming a sheep’s hooves is different than trimming a llama’s hooves.

And, last one, Johnny gives Titus his worming injection.  He had the syringe all ready to go before he even began shearing. Then, all pau!

And Titus jumps up, so glad it’s all over!  And for realz, this year’s shearing saga is pau too! Foa realz. Really.

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2 Responses to But wait! Get moa!

  1. jalna says:

    Thanks!! That was so interesting . . . and fun!

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