2015 Shearing Day, Chapter Three

Well, next it was Titus’ turn to get sheared. His horns made great handles for Johnny to use!  And once Titus was lying down, he remained really calm and easy to shear. I always feel a little da kine, seeing those horns and male shearers’ anatomy in such close proximity. But Johnny is really good at what he does, and everything went without a snag. (Pun intended.)

Johnny was so gentle with Titus, talking to him, reassuring him that he was doing fine, and I really appreciated that.

So funny, seeing Titus’ legs straight up in the air like this!

Oh eh.  Try look!  I wen take one video!

I also appreciated that Johnny made sure he knew that Titus was a wether instead of a ram.  Gotta avoid da alas, yeah?

Try look how black and white Titus is next to his skin!

It was a hot day, and it was a lot easier and cooler shearing Titus outside. Nolemana had hooked up the electricity from our very generous neighbors, because we don’t have it in the barn.

See what I mean about the horns?

Next, Johnny trimmed Titus’ feet, and Danny was really interested in how different it was than doing Rayado’s feet. Sheep hooves get trimmed along each side rather than the point. Johnny showed Danny how the hooves tend to curl over, and when that happens, sheep will walk on their ankles, which can cause a lot of pain and infirmity.

I loved that Danny was interested, and I loved that Johnny explained everything to him as he went along.  Johnny also gave Titus his worming shot.

Look ma!  No fleece!! Titus already looked happier and more comfortable.

Then, while Johnny was putting away his tools, Titus came over as if to thank him. It was so cute!!  Usually the sheep run away fast, but Titus just hung around for a bit.

Then he decided that enough was enough. Pau awreddy. And off he went.

Ricky was waiting for him, and the two of them wandered up into the pasture together.

Everyone was happy. Well, maybe not Rayado, who was in a barn stall. He had to stay there till the vet came out to check his eyes, because heaven knows, trying to catch him again would not have been easy. The shearing, hoof trimming, and worming had gone wonderfully well.  Danny was a huge help and he learned a lot, and I got some great photos.  And I got a great fleece to wash, spin, and knit with. What’s not to like?  Thanks Johnny and Danny for all your kokua. You guys are the best!

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4 Responses to 2015 Shearing Day, Chapter Three

  1. AFK says:

    I love happy endings! Especially ones that involve animals. Thanks, Moki-chan, for getting my day off to a good start.

    • Mokihana says:

      Very happy endings! Now if we can just get Rayadoʻs eye infection cleared up, weʻll be doing great!! Mahalo nui for stopping by; you are such a faithful reader.

  2. Bb says:

    So interesting, considering the noise and being on his back it’s amazing he just laid down for it. My dog freaks out when I even touch his toenails for a trimming. Is it becuz Titus is tame? Mahalo for sharing!

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