The Princess and Da Pea Revisited

So you folks know da story, right? A young woman was tested to see if she was worthy of marrying the prince; she had to detect a pea that was placed underneath twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds.

Well, that’s not exactly my story. Mine is that every day for the past year I’ve been waking up with a backache in the small of my back that’s relieved by putting a warm microwaveable da kine there for about fifteen minutes. Every morning. Our mattress is a firm one, and so ontop that we have 3″ of memory foam. But it was still too firm (even after we’d tried out ukubillion mattresses at the store and I thought we’d chosen the right one… sheesh!). So then we added a featherbed to the memory foam. Getting into it felt really good, but my back suffered.

I wasn’t willing to try put twenty featherbeds ontop the mattress, and anyway, that would have put it higher than our ceiling, so I went mattress hunting again. My kids, my friends, the salesmen at Riegelmann’s in Gresham all recommended a Tempur-Pedic. I was not sold on that brand because I’d tried one about five years ago and hated it. But Josh at the store showed me all the improvements that had been made, and for three days I went in and laid myself down on a variety of them.

I did plenny research. Read reviews. Read everything I could about the brand. And finally we decided to tryum. Cuz I get thirty nights to change my mind from da store. And something like ninety nights from Tempur-Pedic. And if at the end of those times I hate it, then aloha ʻoe mattress anden back to the drawing board. But I figure with the Arthritis Foundation recommending it (the only mattress they do), that was another good sign.

So we bit the bullet and bought the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Breeze. It comes with this da kine pad so that you sleep cooler. Because I’m a snuggle bug and like to snuggle down under the covers in winter.

Of course, two days after we paid for it we found out that we need a new roof. But that’s a story for anodda day.

The mattress was delivered yesterday, Monday.

First night’s report:


1. I knew that the foam has an odor. It wasn’t too bad, but I was aware of it during the night. I left the sliding door open small kine and also the window above to help with that. I will be glad when it’s gone. My akamai daughter, Leilani, told me I could spray it with Febreze and that would help.

2. I slept a little restlessly just because the mattress is new and I was aware of how different it was compared to a regular kine one.

3. I did not wake up with a backache! I was a little stiff, but I think it was because my muscles are getting used to a new kine mattress.

4. Have to figure out what kind of blanket for the bed. Last night I got cold and pulled up the down comforter and got ‘way too hot.

5. Eh! Nomo pea undaneat da mattress!

But so far, so good.

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