I love old kitchen utensils. I love the thought that they’ve been used by different generations of women (mostly, I think), and that their hands have used them to cook things for their ʻohana.

Recently, when Nolemana and I were at an antique store on a road trip (more about that when I stay pau with the 2010 Montana Road Trip (ho, not even halfway pau yet!), I found this wonderful whisk da kine for only $2.00. I snatched it up. Cuz u know wat? Going be perfect foa making haupia! Whoot!

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4 Responses to Score!

  1. jalna says:

    OMG. I inherited some old stuff too, but I no more dat one! Ho da jealous!

  2. Debra says:

    Please tell me what haupia is. Must be good if it gets a whoot! 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Nice. I have my grandmother’s pastry blender, and a friend gave me his mother’s biscuit cutter, because sometimes I actually make biscuits. I love old things with a history. I think I have become a knitter because I bought some old knitting needles at a neighbor’s yard sale – they were his mother’s, and I was struck that this woman’s work was just being sold. I didn’t want it all to disappear. I bought the needles and her yarn – used in weaving projects with my students, but the needles just stuck around for a few years, and I got fascinated by knitting, and taught myself how…

  4. AFK says:

    Yah, Moki-chan, das goin’ be right on fo haupia. You ste makin’ me ono fo it right now!

    (Debra – haupia is a coconut dessert that’s halfway in consistency between jello and pudding. It’s one Hawaiian food that’s easy to make for Mainlanders.)

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