July 14-16 – Getting in da hay

My neighbor around the corner has been busy haying for the last three days. I love watching them, love the aroma of the fresh cut hay. I always love it when there are no cars behind me so that I can take photos of the whole thing.

First the hay was cut (no photo), then after a few days, it was raked into rows for drying.

After drying, it was baled up. My neighbor used to make the rectangular bales that used to be so popular. Nowadays, more and more farmers and ranchers are making these round bales.

It took a couple of days for all the hay to get baled; I wish I’d had the chance to just sit by the side of the road and watch the baler. But today I did see the bales getting loaded onto trucks. This young man was sitting in one of the trucks, waiting for a few more bales to get loaded. I bet he was using his cell phone, unlike farm boys before technology came along who probably used the time to take a nap, seeing as how they’d probably been up since before dawn doing the milking.

When I came back from town, the truck was gone, but I saw others off in the distance.

The hay got baled just it time; it was looking like rain all day long today.

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1 Response to July 14-16 – Getting in da hay

  1. Babooze says:

    Deh doin’ da same hea only aftah deh roll da buggahs up deh wrap em’ in plastic so no git wet. Sometimes git square kines but not too much. Mahalo fo’ postin.m/

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