Giving up on catching up on 365 Days

I decided there’s no way I can play catch up, so if you’d like to see my July photos till today, try go here.

The Tour de Fleece is going on right now, same time as the Tour de France. Who woulda guessed, right? This is a time when handspinners all over the world challenge themselves to spin something wonderful. Some people elect to be on a sprinters team, spinning fast and furious. Speed is of the essence here. But it’s not for me. Others are on a breakaway team, spinning all kinds of wonderful art yarns. There’s a team for rookies, those who’ve never joined Tour de Fleece before. I’m not on either one of those teams.

Instead, I’m in the Peloton, spinning happily along with other spinners. I’m also on several wildcard teams, which are specific for things like the brand of spinning wheel we use, or the fiber we use from a certain company. One of my favorites is the My Knitting Has Cat Hair In It team.

Each day we spin, except on the designated rest days just like those on the Tour de France. Some people spin anyway. The main thing is to challenge yourself, and I’ve done that. So far I have two finished yarns, and while I was spinning them I really learned a lot.

I am inordinately pleased with this yarn. It was a challenge for me and it just makes me feel good!

This makes me feel good, too. My Bird of Paradise bloomed again out on the deck!

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3 Responses to Giving up on catching up on 365 Days

  1. Barb says:

    Your yarns are all so pretty! I’m trying to rally this week. Spin spin spin!!

  2. Debra says:

    lovely, lovely yarn! Your bird of paradise actually does look like a bird-I’ve never seen it quite like that before.

  3. AFK says:

    Huuui, cuz! Glad to hear you’re doing okay and just busy. The yarn posing by your heliotrope is especially beautiful.

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