April 20 – Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival

Today Nolemana, Suzette, and I drove up to Hood River to the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. We didn’t get to go last year, so Suzette and I were really excited about going. Nolemana said he’d like to go, but his level of excitement was much less than ours. He’s not a knitter or a handspinner, but he said he’d enjoy our company and see what the CGFF was all about.

We had a great day. I got to see friends I don’t get to see except at fiber festivals, and Suzette and I had a wonderful time enabling each other. The floor was carpeted, and water was provided by the Best Western Motel where the event was held. It made for a pleasant shopping experience indeed.

The drive up the Gorge was absolutely breathtaking and the three of us ate lunch with a view of the Columbia River.

All in all, a terrific day!!

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