April 19 – A froggy tale

One photo couldn’t do justice to my day today. So you folks get to choose which one you think is the saddest, worthy of the photo of the day.

About a month ago I finished a really pretty cowl. I knit it out of my handspun. It was the first lace project I’d ever knit, the first handspun I’d knit, and I was mighty proud of it.

Nani, yeah?

It looked really good when I wasn’t wearing it. The lace pattern showed up great and I loved the feel of it. Oni one problem: Each long edge rolled up toward the center so that I was left with this ugly coil-y something around my neck, despite some rigorous blocking beforehand. Every time I looked at it I got upset. It had taken me so long to knit it, so long to learn how to do lace, and now I was left with something I hated.

So I went into Littlelamb and Ewe today and showed Cindy the Knitting Destroyer my trouble, and after talking about it, we both agreed that frogging the whole thing was the best way to go. She’s a great frogging enabler when it just hurts too much to frog your own knitting.

Oh. You don’t know frogging? Well, rippitt, rippitt, ribbitt.

Now you know.

Here is the good nurse, finding the end of my knitting where I’d woven in the ends.

She starts pulling out my knitting. Remember, I gave her full permission to do so. It just hurt too much to do it myself. Hours and hours I’d spent on that cunfunnit cowl!

Here is the mad Yarn Nurse Kavorkian at work. She has put the end of the yarn in the electric ball winder, which is slowly pulling out all my carefully knitted stitches. Oh, da pain!!

The yarn ball is getting bigger and bigger, and my knitting is getting smaller and smaller.

Eventually it was pau. My cowl was no more. And here is the proof. Do you think she looks like she’s having fun?

I will find another pattern for my pretty yarn. After I’ve recovered.

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3 Responses to April 19 – A froggy tale

  1. AFk says:

    Oh, ouch. She is Kali, destroyer of worlds. But you will create again, and it will be good.

  2. Acornbud says:

    Electric ball winder, eh? Too bad about the cowl. Next time mo bettah.

  3. Kim says:

    It was pretty. But frogging is liberating.

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