Good Reason For My Absence

I know, I know. I left you in the middle of pōpoki tales. I’m really sorry. But I have a really good reason.

Early Friday morning on February 3rd, Nolemana woke me up, saying he was having chest pains and thought we needed to go to ER. Which we did. To make a long story short, a week later he was in surgery at a hospital in downtown Portland, having a double bypass. In the two days he was home prior to surgery, I gracefully managed to trip over the kitty scratcher on the floor, hitting my upper rib hard on the armrest of a very hard wicker chair and have been in a great deal of pain.

Since the 3rd, my days have been full of trips downtown everyday, then taking care of him once he came home, which was on Feb 16th.

He’s really doing very well, but I am exhausted all the time being his caregiver and running the house. We haven’t been working, obviously, but my days are very full just trying to keep things going despite a hurt rib that makes it painful to breathe, let alone to much else.

Nolemana has been getting wonderful physical therapy, visits from the home health care nurse, and in about a week will start cardio rehab.

I have to count, weigh, and measure every single thing he eats so that his carbs and sodium stay within the prescribed limits. By doing so, his previously out of control diabetes is now under control.

I will try and get back to kitty tales soon. I do apologize for keeping you all in suspense about Keola and Noelani, but I am running on fumes.

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7 Responses to Good Reason For My Absence

  1. paula says:

    Aloha Moki, So sorry to hear about your husband and your rib! Gosh so many heavy things to carry. You will both be in my prayers and I hope things settle down real soon, and you are both feeling better.

    With Fond Aloha Paula

  2. NO rush dear heart. Take care of yourself and Nolemana, but especially yourself for now. I am so glad things are becoming more on an even keel.
    All good thoughts sent your way!

  3. RONW says:

    oh yea, when you’re in repairs, you will be running on fumes. It’s mentally draining, so blog when you’re feeling better in the real world. Ain’t all that important in the overall scheme of things. Regular readers they’ll stop by irregardless though you don’t hear them knocking.

  4. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, have you had your rib checked? Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re taking care of Nolemana.

    We’re thinking good thoughts for you. Kitty tales will still be there when things calm down.

  5. Shoshi says:

    Oh Mokihana, I am So Sorry to hear about your recent troubles! I havent’ been following up on my blog very well over the past weeks and missed this. I do hope you are both now recovering well. Hugs for you and the kitties.


  6. Babooze says:

    Been watchin’ dis site an no u stay busy. We touch base every once in a while on email but i no boodah yet. U git enuff to do runnin’ da home an bein’ da nurse no? We not forgitin’ u but sendin’ pule to u an Nolemana. No worry bout keepin’ up wit da popoki’s blog. U take cayah. I still send email jokes lid’at. Aloha from Jutta an me.m/

  7. Jesse Helm says:

    Take care and take time while Nolemana gets better. No need to rush. This is a great blog I’ve been following for a while now. Always wonderful reads. I have a moving to hawaii blog that often has to take a back seat to family matters. No worries. Sending love and prayers from Kauai!

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