Da Tour de Fleece, Days Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen

Ho, I wen fall so far behind, yeah? Now stay pau da Tour de France and I stay playing catch-up! So today I going post da next three days of da Tour de Fleece.

Everyday I tried to get creative with my collages. Some days I had a lot of time, some not so much for that. For Day Thirteen, I thought it’d be fun to have the underneath of my myrtlewood wheel for the background. Joe Jorgensen made several hundred beautiful, myrtlewood wheels; there are several of us on Ravelry who are trying to locate as many of them as we can.

As you can see, the bobbin is getting a little fuller. Spinning a new fiber was a real learning experience for me, but the more I spun, the more consistent I was able to get.

This was my attempt at humor. I’d taken the photo of the Pileated Woodpecker right outside my office window and am really happy with it. I thought this could work well for my Day Fourteen collage.

For Day Fifteen, I did what a lot of handspinners do: put a coin underneath the singles to demonstrate how fine we’re spinning. I’m not spinning major fine, but as you can see, my singles is definitely getting more consistent. And oh, yeah, the bobbin is getting fuller. Hee hee. I took the sheep photo on one of our appraisal assignments near Jefferson, Oregon.

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4 Responses to Da Tour de Fleece, Days Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen

  1. Shoshi says:

    Your spinning is beautiful! I used to do a lot at one time, and still own my Ashford wheel, but these days my legs are not good enough to do it unforutnately. One day I hope I shall be able to do it again!

    I’ve never met a Pidgin speaker before and find it fascinating! It is such a clever language and sounds great! I have never been to Hawaii – it must be so beautiful!

  2. Jarita Jorgensen says:

    Where are you located? I’d really like to know more about your website and what you do, more about you. I am Joe Jorgensen’s grandaughter and my mouth dropped when I saw this. I lost the special personal spinning wheel my grandfather made for me in a fire, as well as those he specially made for my mother and sister. A relative gave us one that they had bought after my grandfather’s funeral. I’d also like to locate as many as I could! Just to know at least a little about the people that are enjoying them and making good use of them. I’m so glad I found this picture! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Linda says:

    Hi I have a Joe Jorgenson spinning wheel

  4. Susan says:

    Hi. I have a Joe Jorgensen spinning wheel marked #36 1972. Unfortunately I must scale down and am having to part with it. If you know the best way for me to advertise it so I know it goes to a good home, that would be wonderful. I am the second owner. The first was a woman who was given the wheel by her parents when she was in 4-H in high school. He had not used it for many many years, but it was stored inside the house as a decorative piece of furniture. I also have not used it much, but it does spin very nicely. It was a ‘back-up’ wheel and I also used it as a plying wheel. It is in great shape and works! Can you help me find a good home and also give me some guidance as to what a fair asking price would be? Thank you.

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