Da Tour de Fleece, Days Ten, Eleven, and Twelve

Ho, am I ever far behind! So I will do several photos in this one post to make up for it. Since the Tour de Fleece is almost pau anden!

Well, Day Ten was a rest day. The cyclists rested. I didn’t spin today. But I did do some laundry. That has to count for something, right?

And Ron, my wonderful neighbor, brought over my new flyer with brand new hooks!! Now my bobbins will fill so much easier. I was so excited and grateful to him! Kewt da sheep too, yeah?

Day Eleven was a gorgeous day. I took my Louet wheel out on the deck and did some plying. Which means that I took two full bobbins and plied them together to make one yarn. I had to make sure my tension was good (on both singles) so that my yarn didn’t get too twisted. When I ply, the wheel goes in the opposite direction from the one I used for spinning in the first place.

This is the batt of fiber that I bought from Harriet Beck of Beck’s Sheep Farm. She dyes the most wonderful colors! And from that, I made yarn! Amazing, yeah?

And here is the photo of the yarn:

Day Twelve.

Back to spinning the original fiber again. My goal for the Tour de Fleece was to spin up the entire 8 ounces of it. The background for this photo is a photo that I took with my cell phone of my neighbor’s sheep. He just got them, and I think there are about a dozen of them. I love having them in the neighborhood!

I will post a few more days’ spinning tomorrow. I hope you can see the progress I’m making!

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3 Responses to Da Tour de Fleece, Days Ten, Eleven, and Twelve

  1. Kim says:

    Your view is inspirational! I love those colors of that batt, and your spinning is really nice. I am very challenged by plying (I’m not very consistent – sometimes it’s over plied, sometimes underplied) and am impressed with people who can get it to look uniform!

    Do you find superwash merino drafts more easily than regular merino? I’ve heard there’s a difference in the feel of the two. I have not spun superwash. I’m currently spinning Polwarth, and it’s very nice to work with.

    I am much more behind than you – I spun for the first time in a week yesterday. Had been avoiding it with my bum knee – not my treadling leg, but figuring a way to sit at the wheel with my injured knee held out straight was tough. I only spun for 10 minutes or so; must save the good knee! Not sure how much spinning I’ll be doing for the time being – maybe the 10 minutes a day is a good goal, as it doesn’t put much wear and tear on the knee.

  2. AFK says:

    Thank goodness for indoor sheep with long legs and a scarf, thank goodness for the outdoor sheep, thank goodness for the wool they give and the dyer who dyed it, and especially thank goodness for the woman who spins that yarn. Imua!

  3. RONW says:

    ditto for the indoor sheep.

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