Tulip Day, Part One

This small kine road trip was down to the Wooden Shoe Bulb Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. It was a rainy day, but we didn’t care. We just wanted to see some color in the middle of the gray Oregon winter and spring.

So us guys and Kukui set off along the back roads. Why take the highways when the back roads bring so much adventure and surprises?

Someone who reads this is going to be so happy! So let da advencha begin!

About two miles down the road from us is a place where elk are raised. This morning we were lucky enough to see some of them in the barn, which we can see from the road.

Elk butt! These people sell elk meat, but I only like to see the animals.

The mustard was blooming alongside the freeway, just before we got off onto back roads.

This was along Advance Road on the outskirts of Oregon City. I just love driving on this roller coaster kind of road!

It was steep going down, and steep going back up the other side.

We saw this beautiful llama on Frog Pond Road. What was he looking at?

He was watching something with very curious eyes.

Oh! He was watching the alpacasʻ owner, who had walked into the pasture to feed the alpacas.

There was also a guard llama with the alpacas.

Weʻd had a windstorm a few days back, and it or another windstorm had broken a huge limb off this tree.

We were headed for the Canby Ferry, which crosses the Willamette River. Itʻs not a long ride, but we take it whenever we can. For $1.50 we can ride across, even getting out of the car to enjoy the ride.

There is a winding road down to the place where cars stop and wait. Here we see the Willamette River for the first time.

When the ferry is on the other side of the river, or on its way across, we are to wait with engines turned off till the light turns green.

The ferry was waiting on our side of the river. And there wasn’t another car in sight, which was really unusual.

Here we are, driving onto the ferry. The ferryman walked out to get our cash and direct us where he wanted us to park. Engine off, parking brake on. Dem’s da rools.

We have lived here for lots and lots of years, and we have never been the only car on the ferry before! I’m weird, but I get pleasure out of stuff like that.

Mr Ferryman got back inside his engine room, and off we went. Nolemana got out of the car (it’s allowed) and snapped the photo.

Hakum Nolemana wen take dis shot? No can see?

Dea. Try look!

The Willamette River, looking makai. Towards the sea.

Same river, looking mauka. Towards the mountains.

There’s the other side of the river. And nary a car in sight except for Mr Ferryman’s car. I loved it! Have I mentioned that I’m easily entertained? I really liked the novelty of it all.

After we crossed the river, up the hill we went. All around us were fields of rhubarb.

The contrast of red against the green was really pretty. The plants were all mulched and kept warm with plastic.

AFK, I am going to have you to take a deep breath and warn your SO that there might be some yells of delight coming from his beloved.

Breathe….. breathe….. stay calm…. breathe….

I said breathe!!!! Da naybors going hea u shrieking wit delight! I was doing a bit of that myself, knowing how much you’d love the photos.

Okay, here is the grand finale of this post. AFK…Breathe…. breathe… stay very calm… hold SO’s hand. Breathe… my spesho friend, this one’s for you. I wen take um spesho just foa u. U going change yoa wallpapah now? I adore this face!! Hugs, sistah.

Next time, we going see da tulips.

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4 Responses to Tulip Day, Part One

  1. Julie says:

    wow! The only car on the ferry, last time I rode it was filled up

  2. AFK says:


  3. I love hilly roads, the kind that make my stomach flutter. I’ve called them ‘tickle belly’ roads since I was little :-}.

    We have rhubarb in lots of back yards around here, but in the county where I grew up, we also have fields and fields of gladiolus. Beautiful in summer.

  4. RONW says:

    I’m glad we don’t have the interisland SuperFerry. Honolulu people invading the tranquility of the neighbor islands, only trouble. Yeah, off topic. Random thought.

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