Road Trip to a Unique Town, Part Six and Pau

Ho. No can believe it. It’s been a whole month anden! So sorry. We got really busy at work which was a really good thing. But here’s the last installment of our trip to Ryderwood. Sorry foa da delay and mahalo for being patient!

In this last post about Ryderwood, mostly I’m going to show you some of the neat old cottages in the town. Then I will finish off with a video that I had to wait half an hour in the cold in order to get it.

This is looking down the main street of town as we moseyed around it. It was such a peaceful place. Nobody was in a hurry, and there was hardly any traffic.

I parked the kawila while Nolemana walked around taking a few more photos.

Try look this kewtie patootie hale! Remember, all these houses used to be dwellings for loggers and their families.

While driving the comps, we took some better photos of the pond.

I tell you, I could just sit here for hours. I could bring my spinning wheel out here and just enjoy the peace while being creative.

Hereʻs another one of the cottages. Almost all of them have had quite a bit of remodeling done.

The gift shop is on the left, and the community center, where the sale was to be held the next day, is on the right. The really nice lady at the gift shop took us next door and we got to see the people setting up. There were some really neat things there.

This is one of my very favorite cottages in Ryderwood. Itʻs so cute and looked really welcoming.

This one has definitely had some updating. Personally, I prefer the look of the previous one.

The cottages aren’t large, maybe 1100 square feet or so, but for a retired couple, they pretty neat. Unless of course, you’re like me, with all my creative supplies taking up a huge part of the house. But wool is excellent insulation. That’s what I tell Nolemana, who just rolls his eyes. Moa beddah den stink eye, I alla time say.

I kinda like this one, but the landscaping is too bare for me.

This one looks like it could use a little updating; I think it has good bones, though.

Here’s another kewtie patootie one. It even has an apple tree in the front yard!

I still can’t help but wonder how the wives felt about living here. On the one hand, very glad they could be with their husbands, I guess. And maybe they really liked living in such a small community. But did they feel isolated? Dunno.

Another cute one but with no landscaping to speak of.

I love the roof line of this one!!

Okay. We were pau taking photos. Then I told Nolemana I wanted to go back to Vader and try and get a video of a train going by. Since there are probably six an hour or so, I figured we didn’t have too long to wait. I got out of the car and waited. And waited. And finally this Amtrak one came along, but it came around the corner so fast I didn’t have time to take a video. But I do love the shot!

So then I told Nolemana I was willing to wait out in the cold till another one came along. I had to stand there for quite awhile, but finally was able to get the pièce de résistance, with which I end this travel advencha. See what I mean about coming around the corner fast?? Whoo hooo!!!! Enjoy!!

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2 Responses to Road Trip to a Unique Town, Part Six and Pau

  1. AFK says:

    Yay! You got da train shot! Tanks for taking us along on da trip. I like da little cottages too.

  2. RONW says:

    those house are so quaint. They definitely beat the newer $600,000 houses that they built in the new subdivisions.

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