Da Snowy Day, Part Two

Finally, yeah? Christmas wen intervene wit all my plans foa update da bloggie. ʻScuse, eh?

When I last left you, we were just coming in to Government Camp. Up to now the road had been clear, but in town it was packed snow and I was very glad we’d put studded tires on the kawila.

Evidence of an earlier snowfall was very evident.

This poor bear couldn’t see a thing anymore!

This is the road we drove on to get to the house we were appraising. Nani, yeah?

Try look how high up we are! Also, try look our kawila in TryLook. Get one manu instead of one kawila. When we go, da wings even flap and get a shadow of da manu below it. Kewl, yeah?

K’den. Nolemana was pau doing his inspection; now we had to drive the comparable sales. We passed this building where the snow was coming down in sheets as the temperature rose.

How kewt is this! Daddy is taking his little girl on a sled ride. He must be from Hawaiʻi cuz he’s wearing shorts!

This is a bunny hill. Kids and adults go down it on sleds, rubber tubes, or watevahs. We stopped to watch for awhile.

Looks like fun!

Had lots of people trudging up the hill, then sliding down again.

Another dad is taking his keiki for some fun time. Up the hill they go.

Oh! U like see one video? K’den.

Ho da fun!!

Would be fun to do wheelies ova hea!

We tried to get to three comps here in Government Camp, but the roads to them were narrow, steep, and not driveable without chains. The roads aren’t plowed up there, so it was either walk up or make other photo arrangements. Nolemana no like walk!

So we headed out of town. Lots of cars were covered with snow that was pretty thick.

These icicles were at the General Store.

Some locals have plow attachments on their pickups, so if you stay near where they’re staying, you could drive to your house.

Here we are, headed out of town. The Mt Hood foothills look so pretty!

A lot of snow is sliding off this building!

We’re now just about to head back out onto the highway. I asked Musubi if he’d like to get out and play in the snow, but he declined, afraid that he might get buried in it because it was so deep.

These cars have been sitting here for awhile!

And try look dis one!

Okay, now we’re heading downhill again. We have to go to the town of Welches, several miles down the road.

So pretty da snow. Actually, we were surprised that we got such a nani day to drive up the mountain. Turns out we were right between winter storms. Which really was a good thing. It would’ve taken us a lot longer to get up and down the mountain otherwise.

As we descended, the snow on the trees got to be less and less. But they were still pretty.

Sometimes when we’ve driven up here, there’s far more white than green to be seen. Not today, though. I love this look!

It almost looks like a powdered sugar dusting.

Here’s the runaway truck ramp. Luckily no one has had to use it lately. But see how little snow is on the trees here? And we’re only about five minutes down the road!

The roads are totally clear; and the trees are almost devoid of snow. (Ho da fancy kine word, yeah? Devoid.)

We’re definitely descending. Lower elevation, and less snow.

Now there’s hardly any snow at all!

We take a side road to show you a cabin in the woods. Here’s the road leading alongside it.

And here’s the cabin.

This is a golf course in Welches. No golfers out today!

And so ends our trip to Government Camp. But I have exciting things coming your way! Next post you will find out why Da Mystery Road Trip got its name! Get ready for wai maka! And joy! And all kine surprises!

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4 Responses to Da Snowy Day, Part Two

  1. clare says:

    So beautiful all da snow!

  2. Babooze says:

    U shua u no wuz in Germany? AN wot dat guy doin’ wit shawts on? Wot up wit dat? Nani pics Moki.

  3. AFK says:

    Ho da nani. We ste getting snow in Seattle RIGHT NOW. Dat red kawila dat had dat beeg buncha snow on da roof – ste look like one cupcake!

  4. Kikue Mugen says:

    I love snow like that when the trees are all covered too. Wonderful picture captures to the max! I felt so cold looking at them. I used to have to go up to Big Bear Mt. all the time for retreats I had to teach at. I loved it when it snowed when I was up there. One time I got snowed in for 4 days!!! I didn’t mind it at all and only wished that they didn’t clear the roads so I could stay longer. Snow is so beautiful. Have you noticed on moon lit nights the snow turns blue? And everything is sooooo quiet!!! Just beautiful. Enjoy life, Moki… I’m so glad you’re taking pics as you do! Thanks for that.

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