Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Twenty-Three

K’den. This time I’m not gonna say much, because the videos will speak for themselves. But do me a favor and turn your volume down so you don’t get blasted out by my whoo-hooing. I sound stupit. Sigh.

Here’s the first one. I started taking the video, thinking that Old Faithful was really gonna spout this time. But it fizzled out. Fun to watch though. The mic on my camera also picked up the voices from all the people around us.

This one is the one! The whole cycle of Old Faithful going off. It was so exciting! At one point you’ll hear me asking Nolemana to get Musubi out of my pocket so that he could get in the video too. It was so cold, and I was trying so hard to hold the camera steady even though I was shivering. This is why I was trying to save room on the memory card — I knew that this would take up plenny space. I hope you folks enjoy seeing this here as much as I enjoyed seeing it in person. For those of you who’ve never been to Yellowstone, it’s well worth a trip. Kikue.

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4 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Twenty-Three

  1. RONW says:


    Yeah and I know what you mean by avoiding running out of space on the memory card.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    WOW! WOW! That is the most amazing thing! It really reminds me of lava jetting out of a volcanic puka, except white in color and minus the billowing smoke. Wonderful capture Moki. I believe you are right in saying that it is well worth the trip! I’m sure the pictures, and even the videos that have been taken of this event only gives us a glimpse of what it REALLY is like to be standing out there, in the moment, watching nature in her explicit display of being ‘natural’. WOW. I am so glad you took the vid. Mahalo for this!

  3. Debra says:

    Hello there! I was glad to get your comment-I’ve been meaning to mosey over here-I’m thankful I did! I have never been anywhere much, so this video is like seeing something I maybe won’t get to see in person. Thank you for posting it-very beautiful!
    Moki-I made the picture video using Windows Live Movie Maker-which I’d really rather have Windows Movie Maker, but it does not come with Windows 7. You are rather limited with Windows Live-and I did load it to YouTube, but they took my music off (of course) so to get it on my blog, I just used Bloggers video upload and opened the file my video was in. If you have Windows Movie Maker, you’ll be all set. Just open the photos there and use the setup for photos-you can even have the music match the lenght of your slide show.

  4. AFK says:

    Ho da nani! I love how Musubi gets into the act too – I’m sure he was happy but COLD! And how beautiful the sky was as a backdrop – Nolemana was right. Thanks for sharing with us!

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