Da Humu Gets a Friend… for Awhile

So da humu wen get his latté, right? But Mike thought da pooah fishie stay kinda lonely, so he wen get one idea. First, I gotta explain dat when Mike gets one idea, den watch out!

One day when I wen holoholo ka‘a to Hawaiian Beanz, I wen get fish eye big time. Cuz try look wat Mike wen do. Kinda scary da teeth, yeah? Was really da lights.

OMG, right? Da flamingo get one lei and erryting! But dat’s not all. Dis flamingo wen light up! And not oni dat, but da buggah wen bob his head up and down! Seeing dat ting in action was too much! I wish I’d taken one video.

Foa awhile, da humu and da flamingo wen spend time togedda, but den Mike’s wife, Karie, wen decide was just too much, so da flamingo had to go.

Was da humu mehameha aftah dat? Dunno. He stay too busy drinking his latté!

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3 Responses to Da Humu Gets a Friend… for Awhile

  1. AFK says:

    Dat’s one scary flamingo. If I was da fishy, I be sked dat bird goin’ eat me!

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    LOL Crazy! But fun! And FUNNY!

  3. Paula Keeler says:

    Dat’s on loco flamingo. Humuhumu still gets da shaka 😉

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