Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Seven

Oh my gosh, the photos in this post can’t show how excited I was when we took them. I felt like the people on the Starship Enterprise, going where no man I had never gone before. My dad’s wanderlust blood in my veins was pounding! I was so jazzed that I could hardly sit still… and I was driving!

Why was I so thrilled? Cuz try look!!

Montana State Line!

No can see? Try dis. E komo mai i Montana!

Whoo hoo!  Montana state line!  Time is now really 11:22 a.m. Mountain time

Oh my gosh! We’re in Montana! Big Sky country! I kept saying, “Oh my gosh! We’re in Montana!” I mean, Montana!!! I’d never been here before, not even close. And now I was getting closer and closer to my auntie! I was in awe.

Nolemana and I have this joke. Historical kine. I am jumping up and down with excitement saying things like, “Oh my gosh! We’re in Montana!” and he says, “Uh huh”. And I wonder whydaheck he’s not jumping up and down too. Probably because he figures there has to be at least one sane person on board!

Here we are, heading over Lookout Pass. It was so wonderful to see all this new-to-us countryside.

Lookout Pass, Montana

And just beyond the sign for Lookout Pass, we saw these welcome signs. Nani the Montana one!

E komo mai i Montana!

The open road beckoned us further. I should warn you all that if you don’t like mountain and river photos, or get bored with them, this is not the post for you. Get this one get plenny! I grew up in the shadow of the Ko‘olau Mountains on O‘ahu, and I love the mountain scenery here, even though it’s very different from that of my childhood.

I can't believe we're really in Montana!  Just past the state line.


Saltese, Montana, coming up ahead.

Going over Lookout Pass

One of the things I love about this highway is that we never knew what we’d find beyond the next curve in the road. I felt like Columbus discovering a whole new world. It’s really hard for me to explain why I was so excited about seeing so many new places.

For you local Hawaiian peeps, you’ll get a kick out of knowing that we’re going through the Lolo National Forest. Heh heh.

This is East of Tammany, Montana. Yes! Montana! We’re really in Montana!

Beautiful Montana going over Lookout Pass - Lolo National Forest - near Tammany

This is east of Tammany. Montana.

East of Tammany

Between Tammany and Saltese with just a little bit of Fall color.

Between Tammary and Saltese

This is about thirty seconds after the previous one. I loved the empty highway; if there was some sort of fabulous photo I wanted, I could either slow down a lot or actually just pull over.

Between Tammary and Saltese

Now we’re four miles makai of Saltese, Montana, and ninety-eight miles makai of Missoula. Montana!!!

4 miles makai of Saltese, 98 miles from Missoula

About a minute later. I just couldn’t get over how beautiful this highway is. My friend Linda had told me how gorgeous it was, but I had no way of knowing just how right she was!

Beautiful Montana going over Lookout Pass - Lolo National Forest - near Tammany

We’re still makai of Saltese. The forest just went on forever.

Makai of Saltese

Wow laulau… gridlock! Heh heh.

Makai of Saltese

We went through Saltese and sailed past this sign and were getting close to Haugan. Montana!

Makai of Haugan - Lolo National Forest

This is the country we were driving through. Nothing but mountains, and oh, so beautiful! Lolo National Forest.

Still makai of Haugan.

5 miles makai of Haugan, 93 miles from Missoula

We were now entering into the river part of our trip. This was our first glimpse of the St Regis River. The St. Regis River is a tributary of the Clark Fork of the Columbia River in Montana in the USA. It begins at Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border.

St Regis River

Nolemana tried to get a photo of it here, but we were too high up. But the spinner is still doing great! It made it to Montana! Not used to the fast speeds, it was spinning like crazy!

St Regis River

See the river down there? Barely!

St Regis River

We were still travelling in the Lolo National Forest. Ho da big!

Lolo National Forest

We passed the Montana-Idaho weigh station.  We’re up from the river now, and still driving along at warp speed on this beautiful highway.

Curved highway

We saw some fall color, but not nearly as much as I’d hoped for. The thing is that we had to time our road trip very carefully; we needed to get to Auntie’s before the snows came, because if they did, we’d have to wait till Spring to make the trip. Auntie is ninety-four, and well, you just never know. The fall color could wait but maybe Auntie couldn’t.


I have this thing about curved roads. Maybe you folks guessed that already? There’s something about seeing several curves in the road that makes me happy!

I love curved highways!!

Now we could see the St Regis River again. Nolemana loves to fish, and he would’ve loved to stop here and toss in his line. But: No license, no time. Maybe next time?

St Regis River

The river is really down there. Promise. Are you getting bored yet?

St Regis River

There it is! See?  We loved seeing the river meandering down there.

St Regis River

How the aspen grow in that kind of soil, I don’t know. But they were sure growing.

Small kine aspen

We did run into some road construction on our side of the freeway, and soon we found ourselves legally driving on the wrong side of it! We were driving in the normal left hand lane of westbound traffic! It was a really weird feeling. Good thing I’m ambidextrous!

Driving on wrong side of interstate because of construction

That’s where we’re normally supposed to be! This is several miles makai of the town of St Regis. See the river down there?

Wrong side driving!

Two Mile exit. There were several signs like this on our trip. Two Mile. Nine Mile. Interesting!

Two Mile exit

We drove for miles on the wrong side of the freeway. Only really, it was the right side since that’s where we were told to drive. Right? This is just makai of St Regis.

Just makai of St Regis

Try look! Now we’re back on the right side of the freeway. Right?

St Regis River

Try wait! Now we’re back on the wrong side again!

Wrong side of freeway again

Still there.

Just makai of St Regis, wrong side of freeway due to construction

We sure hoped nobody heading makai decides to pass or we’d be in deep pilikia!

Exit for Glacier National Park and St Regis

We were still on the wrong side of the road and coming into St Regis.

Just makai of St Regis

And here we are! No time to stop, but there’s what little of the town we saw. Notice my kamaʻāina t-shirt? Elevation here: 2593′.

St Regis - elevation 2593'

So here’s where we traveled in this post. Which is why there are so many forest and river photos. Lolo National Forest. In Montana!


We started out this part of the journey at 11:23 a.m. and got to the end at 11:55 a.m. Wow. Seems like it’d take more long than that! But the photo time stamps don’t lie, do they?


Part Eight next time. Will the spinner make it? Where will the next curves in the road take us?

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5 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip Revealed, Part Seven

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    I LOVE “Lolo Mountains”! See! Even lolo things is beautiful! You know, as I was looking at the pics I wanted to BREATHE DEEP. Yes, all the fresh, fresh air must have seemed different to the lungs and body systems. I mean that stretch of roadway was as thick as thick can be with forest! Absolutely ‘breathtaking’!

  2. AFK says:

    Wow, beautiful. I love watching the progress of rivers as I travel with them. Can’t wait for next installment when you might be out of the Lolo Forest! 😉

  3. O I wanna go Montana!!!!!

  4. Peggy says:

    Blessings Mokihana…Now that was my trip through Montana via your photos! Enough to know, you’ll never catch me taking I80 or any trip…I’ll just enjoy the view from the photos. Thank you! You are like me…driving & taking photos cuz you’re so in awe and probable won’t be driving it again. (lol)
    At least you won’t see me driving…beautiful photos and scenery for the most part…definitely breathtaking and so cute…Lolo Forest!!! Aloha …my dear sis.
    God bless your weekend!

  5. Clare says:

    Idaho/Montana border? I been dere!

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