Daboonies and Surprise Snow

Nolemana and I had an appraisal to do in daboonies of Washougal, Washington yesterday. I always enjoy our boonies drives, and this one was no exception.

Getting around Clark County is quite a challenge, even with TryLook, our GPS. Many, if not most of the streets and roads are numbered, and keep changing depending on the direction you’re going. Some of the streets are really just rutted, graveled roads with room enough for only one car.

But despite that, along the way we saw some wonderful sights, including this incredibly cute horse. I think it must be her tiny ears that makes her so cute.

Kewt horsie!

This was a good road along the Washougal River.


We saw this neat barn near the road.


The Washougal River. We crossed it several times during the day.



I loved the waterfall here.


But the water looked VERY cold!


Nani, yeah?


In the summer when the trees are leafed out, the river wouldn’t be this visible.


Oh my gosh. This guy in the rowboat was getting no where. We watched him for quite awhile, driving by really slowly, and he just kept rowing. He didn’t seem to be too concerned that the only thing he was doing was not floating down the river. He was exerting a lot of energy, that’s for sure, but he never advanced even a foot. I admired his persistence!


Another river shot.


More river photos:



Crossing over the river, going up Vernon Road.


We climbed up into daboonies and at the curve of one road saw these signs. Wassap wit dat?


View from dat corner:


Then back down and over the river we went again.



We saw another cool barn.

Back up in daboonies again. It’s amazing to me how people build their fancy kine houses up here; it takes a good long time to get to any major employment areas from here, and I expect that when it snows it’s pretty hard getting out. But the amazing thing is that the fancy houses could be right next door to some not so fancy houses, making the fancy ones an over-improvement for the neighborhood. (Fancy-kine appraisal term. LOL.)





Nothing wrong wit dat hale, but the contrast was interesting.

K’den. More tomorrow. Or later. Or Hawaiian time.

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6 Responses to Daboonies and Surprise Snow

  1. Kim says:

    Love those winter woodsy pics. And the horse’s little ears ARE cute! Not so crazy about the house. I grew up in an area of VA where old family farms got sold off to folk who built big fancy houses on them.. you’d often get that funky view of the big palace near the little house trailer.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    That horsie!! OMG how adorable! I WANT him/her! You know that I share the same love for those four footed, akamai, creatures, so you can imagine how I flipped out over that kewtie. LOL I’m sooooo glad you got a picture of him/her. THANKS for that, big time. You certainly get to see the countryside. I love tagging along for the ride 😀

  3. kahuku says:

    Oh, that horse has some cute little ears. Maybe the row boat was just the guys way of working out, and he lives down stream anyway. I don’t think I’ve been out to Washougal.

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

    I love all the photos, especialy the water ones. SUPER Nani :-}

  5. AFK says:

    Woohooo! One noddah road trip with Moki-chan and Nolemana! I have a friend and former co-worker who lives in Washougal – I’d never heard of it b/4 she moved there.

    Eh, you nevah say wea you guyzes was on da las’ road trip! Again, dis how you keep dis babooze in saspense!

  6. Mokihana says:

    AFK… just getting ready foa start all ova again on wea we wen go on Da Mystery Road Trip. Dis time going tell alla places along da way. I stay keeping da baboozes in suspense foa realz. Litto by litto u going find out doe. Stay tuned!

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