Out On Da Lānai

Out on da deck last Sunday, I:

…picked a bunch of ripe tomatoes.

…picked more zucchini, tomatoes and some lemon cucumbers from our wine barrel garden.

…checked to see if we have green peppers growing yet. Why yes, we do!

…spun some more of ‘Ele‘ele’s fleece.

…admired my red hibiscus, just like outside our door back home.

… put in a vase the flowers we got at Boring Farmers’ Market (half price cuz was right before closing!)

…and took a close-up of the tiny white flowers inside the purple flowers. How do they do that?

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3 Responses to Out On Da Lānai

  1. Paula says:

    Oh Tita! Such abundance! Mahalo Ke Akua. Those dahlias knock da slippahs off da feet! Is that a lemon cucumber? Ono Moki, you got the green thumb

  2. AFK says:

    What a colorful Sunday you had! “These are the colors of the rainbow . . . “

  3. I LOVE The colors of those dahlias with the statice (it is statice, right?)
    And the veggies look Num too!

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