One Surprise On Da Deck

Tonight I wen go out onto da deck; alla pua stay blooming so nani and I wanted foa take photos. Yesterday I wen start dis grief class, and ho da intense! So tonight I like just relax wit alla pua and bring some beauty into my sadness.

Ke Akua wen gimme one surprise out dea in da evening light. Try look!

Ho da nani, yeah?

Da red stay so red! Dat’s Nolemana ova dea watering everything while I take photos.

U know, hibiscus blossoms no last reeyo long. But tonight I got to experience alla beauty of dis one.

I even wen take one macro.

Tonight I was feeling almost like I was back home wit da soft makani blowing down from da Ko‘olaus, and it shua helped wit da sadness. I going put da photo in my grief journal dat I wen start lass night.

In da wintah our dining room stay full of da tropical plants; is kinda crowded, but seeing dis hibiscus bloom makes it all worthwhile!

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4 Responses to One Surprise On Da Deck

  1. Bobbie says:

    I couldn’t email back to your comment on my blog, so thought I’d come over here to answer. I’m so sorry for your grief; having a yearly holiday reminder can’t be easy. The hibiscus is beautiful; you should put one behind your ear to remind you of your mother (I bet your mother wore one like that often).

    Thank you for your complient on the Clapotis; I spun 8 ounces of superwash merino into 2-ply sock weight and only used about 2/3 for it. Think I’ll use the rest with brown to make a hat and gloves to go with it for winter.

  2. Melanie says:

    Mokihana, what a lovely bloom and a precious gift from God – it seems He always knows what we need, huh? Love to you!

  3. Ho da nani! Mahalo nui loa ke Akua foa lovin da mokihana

  4. Oh my gosh! A hibiscus! Oh, flower of my childhood…

    Are they hardy in your garden, or do you grow them as annuals? Inquiring minds want to know!

    PS I’m so glad you liked my little vacationers!

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