Back in Octobah sometime, Nolemana and I wen holoholo ka‘a to Hood Rivah, Oregon, to get some apples. We wen come back wit ukuplenny, and wen decide foa make applesauce. I get dis antique apple peeler dat makes da job go fass!

Hea da first batch in da sink:

Nolemana cores da apple, den puts um on da peeler. Den I crank um, and off comes da peel! We first wen try dis wit one moa modern peeler, da kine peels and cores at da same time but was so junk! So I wen get down da old one.

Da apple stay getting peeled!

I had fun trying foa make one supah long peel ova and ova. I stay one cheap date very easily entertained.

Try look how long dis one!

Dis one pretty shaka!

Da ting I like best about dis peeler, aside from how it makes da work go fass, is alla gears. I love gears. Anykine wit gears, I adore um. Dis peeler get about eight of ’em.

I wen cook down da apples, add cinnamon and some sugar; den we wen puttem in da freezah, anden came da next fun part: feeding da peels to da neighbor horses!

Dis is Sam. He’s used to getting treats from us.

“Ho da ono!” Try look how his lip stay curling around for da peels!

“Gimme moa!”

Den Sierra, who stay litto bit moa shy, wen come ova to investigate.

“Oooooh… I like um!!”

Sam no can stand it. He comes ova from ova dea.

Nolemana get hard time keeping up wit da greedy mouths!

Sam going do anykine to get da peels!

Sierra same ting.

Oops, she stay almost dropping one!

Nolemana moves back and forth between da two horsies.

Sam chases Sierra off, but Nolemana make shua she gets her share.

“I adore apple peels!! Mahalo guys!!”

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9 Responses to Applesauce!

  1. Kim says:

    mmmm…back in Virginia, I ate plenny homemade applesauce at my mom’s house last month.

  2. Lika says:

    aaaahhhhh ja’like curly fries for horses, only moe nutritious. heeeheeeehee

  3. Jenny says:

    Beautiful horses! And your old-fashioned apple peeler looks amazing. Nolemana’s looking good, too.

    Now I’m hungry for applesauce.

  4. I think this is my favorite blog post yet! I love horses, and antique kitchen stuff, and apples, and and and I loved all the photos, Thanks Moki!

  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh how I love the horsies, of course you knew that I was going to go for them. The peeler is so interesting. You sure have great things to be awed by 😀

  6. AFK says:

    I tink I had moah fun watching da horses eat da peels dan I do eating applesauce! Lucky horses!

  7. Babooze says:

    K den, finally wen see wot Yowah husband look like.  Love da horse’s.  Da daugtah is reall good wit dem.  Dat peelah is sumthin’ else too.  Not a beeg fan of apples but wen Jutta make da jelly dat no last even a week wit me.  Mahalo fo’ sharin’ Moki.

  8. Peggy says:

    Blessings Mokihana… I really LOVE your photos & your HORSES! I was intrigued by the old time peeler for apples! My horses use to love the whole apples & their lips wanted MORE too! Hard for me to read but I think I got it! Thanks …now I want applesauce, too…or apple cider and very hard to come by in Mexico! I have one very old one in a box but I dare not eat it!
    Mahalo…means Thanks…I think so Mahalo & God bless & answer your prayers…I did not know you knitted or had horses…learn more everyday!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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