Trip to California, Chaptah Fourteen, Da Final Chaptah

So much wen happen since da last chaptah! I get tons of photos of all kine stuffs for post… den we wen get snowed in here foa two weeks. I shoulda updated da blog den!

Anyways, dis da final chaptah of our trip to California.

When I last wen post, we were driving by dese green-maybe-rice-paddies in Southern Oregon south of Roseburg.

We pick up da story, still south of Roseburg, but getting moa close to home every mile we drive.

Dis da countryside we were driving chru:

By dis time, Musubi and TryLook were good friends. He wanted to see wat was like facing backwards, but kept falling off. Dat’s why my hand stay dea, cuz I no like him fall.

I wen persuade him to turn around; he could see moa bedda dat way anyway.

By da time we wen get to Roseburg, was past lunch time. We saw dis Hawaiian kine cafe located in one old gas station.

I think musta been one non-local running da place, cuz locals woulda written “Shave Ice”. But if we eva go back Roseburg, we going stop dea foa shua. I was craving one big hamburger, so dat’s why we wen drive on.

Took dis photo foa my bradda Kaniela. Us two love old cars lidis.

Den we wen take dis photo of da duckie foa Lurkah. Ho da kewt, yeah?

Leaving Roseburg pau eat, we wen see one common sight in Oregon:

Plenny firewood ova dea!

We wen try get one photo of da Umpqua Rivah, but no had good chance.

Nani, nani Oregon.

Just about to go ova Calapooya Creek near Sutherlin.

Coming up to da Winston/Coos Bay exit. We wen take dis road long time ago and is real nani. But not today. Today we like get home!

We wind our way chru da rolling hills of Oregon.

I think dis is just North of Rice Hill… but I no can find da pepa wea I wen rite um down!

Beginning to feel like home wit alla Douglas firs and alla green!! Just south of Eugene.

Nani da clouds, too.

I think dis one we’re not too far from Eugene.

Da Willamette Rivah!! We stay getting close to home! Dis is near Eugene, wea my sis dem live.

Da Willamette Rivah. Like one old-timer around hea wen say, “That’s WillAMette, dammit!”

Just South of Albany, we wen see all dese sheepies.

Looking mauka. Mt Hood stay in da distance on da odda side of dese hills.

Da sawdust piles we wen leave behind 11 days ago.

Musubi like go sliding in um, but I wen tell him, “‘A‘ole! We stay going home and we not stopping foa anyting!”

Corn fields near Canby.

And finally, finally, we stay on I-205, heading mauka towards home. We stay so tiyad by dis time, but now we stay only about thirty minutes from home!

Twenty minutes latah, we stay looking down on Sunshine Valley, only about two minutes from home. By dis time I get wai maka to da max at being home again.

Onto Sunshine Valley Road we turn, only one-half mile to go.

And hea stay our road! Home at last! We wen give huge mahalos to ke Akua foa giving us one safe trip chru alla miles, alla California traffic, and alla time on da road. Had times when da traffic wen drive us crazy, but nevah had even one close call. TryLook wen get us everywea we needed to get, we wen spend some good, good time wit ‘ohana even doe was one sad time in many ways.

Mahalo nui foa taking da trip wit us; you few peeps who read all dis blog, who wen kinda go along wit us on dis trip, all u folks who wen pray foa us along da way… mahalo nui loa.

Home at last. Not Hawai‘i home, but Oregon home. And right now, dat’s good enough foa me.

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8 Responses to Trip to California, Chaptah Fourteen, Da Final Chaptah

  1. Haumana says:

    Eh Moki…mahalo for da excursion. Betta late den neva!

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    WOW! Fantastic journey and the wonderful pictures of so many things to see. So vast and so beautiful and so, so many differences between the south and the north. You’re in a beautiful spot, the country is just awesome and I can see why you call it ‘home’ now. It’s just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, it was great seeing part of what you did. Hugs.

  3. Lika says:

    Cool. I took some pictures coming back from OK. I gotta go find’um & downloadem’.

    I always enjoy checking out your travel log. Malama pono.

  4. He mea iki Mokihana, thank you for sharing your world with us :-}
    Wahine Otter

  5. Verlene says:

    Love your pics! Glad you got to get out of the snow and go to CA. Hope ya had a great time! Thanks for the comment on my blog, we need to catch up! – verlene

  6. AFK says:

    It seems silly to say this so many months after the fact . . . but welcome home. That was a long journey, both physically and emotionally. Hope the snow has abated somewhat in your neck of the woods. Happy New Year.

  7. Jae says:

    Hi Moki,

    Thanks so much for your blog…I always smile at your words. I wondered if you have Da Jesus Book. I’ve enjoyed reading it so much and somehow I think you must own it too. Take care and thank you again …

  8. Babooze says:

    Nani pitcahs Moki. Glad u took all of us on da trip wit u. I no, i no i not on hea as ofthen as i need fo’ be but oddah tings stay happenin’ hea dat i alreadi toll u. Cool pitcahs. Love it all. Mahalo.

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