Trip to California, Chaptah Thirteen

Ho, so tiyad we was pulling into Ashland, but oh so happy to be back in Oregon again! I was so glad I wen make alla reservations online! TryLook wen take us right to da motel, one nice Best Western dat was full up cuz of da Shakespeare Festival going on.

We wen carry alla precious stuffs insai da motel, like da Chinese Chest. I no like take chance leave um insai da car. Den we wen showah and hit da sack.

Da next morning, we had one Continental breakfast at da motel; was pretty good, too. Den we wen load erryting up and hit da road again. We had emailed old friends from Grants Pass befoa we wen go California so our next stop was going be to see dem. We neva seen dem much too long, like about fifteen years oa so. We had one shaka visit and wen leave wit a bag of fresh tomatoes from dea garden even. Was so good to see dem… I tell u, dea is nothing like seeing old ‘ohana!

We wen leave Ashland, den wen drive chru Medford, just a few miles up da road. Leaving Medford we wen see one familiar Oregon sight, one log truck. Now we knew foa shua we stay getting moa close to home!

Ahead of us, da blue skies and green hills wen beckon us Northward.

In Grants Pass, I wen take dis photo in honor of my maddah, who loved old Victorian hale. Her specialty used to be giving peeps kokua [help] in selecting colors foa dea old Victorians. Wen kinda gimme wai maka, knowing she neva going see dis photo.

Up ahead stay Sexton’s Mountain Pass. I liked knowing dat we stay going dis direction, not da odda.

Still climbing…

We wen reach da summit; now we stay going downhill. I liked da downhills. Everytime we wen go down one hill, especially one big one, I wen put our da kine on miles per gallon, u know dat da kine shows da temp oa miles to empty oa overall mileage? Dat da kine. Cuz like lass night, going down da Siskyous, we wen get 99 mpg!! Whoot! Adds up to overall mpg, yeah? Heh heh.

See dat road ‘way down dea? Dat’s wea we stay going.

Wat? U cannot seeyum? Hea. I show u moa bettah.

(As we used to say small kid time, “So clevah dese Chinese!”)

Now we stay coming into Sunny Valley. Oh da green, green, green!!!

We wen see some fire-scorched trees.

Den one mega-sprinkler and some pipi foa AFK!

Up ahead, we wen see one flatbed wit one hot rod ontop. We wen take da photos foa my braddah, Kaniela.

Musubi loved seeing alla green in da midst of da summertime hills.

Even if da summertime hills stay brown, still get plenny green in Oregon.

In da next chaptah, we finally going make it alla way home! Whoo hoo!!

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4 Responses to Trip to California, Chaptah Thirteen

  1. Lovena says:

    Ho da nani kine pichahs you wen take! Stay fall ohea and everyting stay gold and brown and falling off da chrees lidat. Seeing dese photos make me long foa green!

  2. Lika says:

    Pretty pic-chas. Wot kine camera you get?

  3. Mokihana says:

    I get one Nikon CoolPix 4300. Not real new but takes really good photos.

  4. AFK says:

    Muuuuu! Mahalo fo da pipi pitchas. An, Moki-chan, I tink yo maddah can see da pitchas jes’ fine.

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