Trip to California, Chaptah Nine

Was getting close to da time foa Nolemana and I to head home, so I began to take photos from around da town wea, in all likelihood, I nevah going see again. I get no reason for go back. Da only reason I used to go was for see my maddah, and now, nomo reason to spend time dea.

My sis wen say da same ting. My braddah dem, dea son and his wife and soon to be two mo‘opuna [grandkids] stay San Jose. So dey going spend time down dea. But not me. I no stay crazy about da place; I guess foa dem peeps who live dea, dey like it. But foa me, stay too hot, too smoggy, too brown, and seems like da peeps dea get plenny kala [$] dripping from dea pores. I mean, get one Lamborghini dealership right in da middo of town! I like be in one place dat stay green, get pickups rolling along da country roads, oa even one alpaca in da back seat of one van!

So da photos. Dis one we wen take foa my braddah, who loves old kine cars.

Dis my maddah’s street wit alla crape myrtles in full bloom.

Ho da nani, yeah?

I will say dis foa Los Gatos: when da crape myrtles stay blooming, I love to see dem.

Still on my mom’s street.

We wen hele [go] to da cemetery wea my faddah stay buried. Had plenny wai maka [tears] knowing I not going be back.
Aloha ‘oe, Papa-san.

When I wen find out dat get one quilt stoa not too far away, I wen tell Nolemana I like stop by Prairie Queens Quilt Shop in San Jose.

Was awesome!!

I coulda spent much moa time dea, looking alla fabrics.

Had so much stuffs!!

Wat I wished was dat my hānai sis Peach from Kaua‘i and I could wander chru da stoa togeddah. Especially aftah I wen spawk dis nani orchid!

So nani dis one!

Da orchids dea stay blooming like crazy! Maybe dey wen gettum at da Los Gatos Farmers Market!

Dis da veterinary hospital wea I wen work when I wen come mainland foa go college.

Our hotel room and da desk wea I wen email all my peeps on da laptop.

Our room. I tell u dis, having one really upscale room lidis, big bathroom, luxury bedding, maid service everyday, wen make da difficulty of why we were dea much moa easy. Had one balcony just outsai da room, and every singo night I would sit out dea and watch da moon rise.

Now we stay ready foa come home. I tell u, Nolemana wen pack and unpack da car several times in ordah foa get everything insai. Dat’s cuz I kept adding stuffs dat I wen find. Poor Nolemana. He stay my hero. No way I coulda done dis without him. He gets da car packer of da year award! Stay one masterpiece of packing ingenuity to da max! Befoa we wen go down my maddah’s, I thought maybe we going bring home just a few things. But eh. We get down dea and I wen spawk tings I wen forget about dat I like have. Same ting wit my sis and braddah dem. Anden we wen bring home stuffs foa our girls, too, cuz nomo nuff room in dea car.

Dis da driver’s [mines] side in da back. Try look da Chinese Chest!

Da back end wit da tailgate up.

Da odda side.

Anoddah shot looking towards da back.

So now we stay ready foa holoholo ka‘a back home to green Oregon. Da car stay packed. Da aloha ‘oe to my sis dem and braddah dem all said. Even one aloha ‘oe to my maddah, to her hale, dat I nevah going be insai again.

Chaptah Ten going begin our trip home.

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6 Responses to Trip to California, Chaptah Nine

  1. AFK says:

    Aisus, no can fit nottin else in deah! Nolemana is da man!

    Who is the beige stuffed animal (or “indoor animal” as we call them around our hale) in da back deah?

  2. Jenny says:

    Wow, dat Nolemana get so many talents, yeah? I bet it was like figuring out one puzzle for him, where to put everything.

  3. Peach says:

    Hui Moki…would be nice to have seen that quilt shop with u. But u gotta see Kapaia Stitchery with me. Da fabrics, quilts, patterns , etc.
    Eh da colors is so so nani. Someday, wen we fix up all da fabrics nice, I going take pickchas for all u guys for see. I tink we get one of da best quilt shops in da world.My world is small…lol…..

  4. Kikue Mugen says:

    WOW! I knew the van was packed up, but I had no idea was PACKED up until I seen the pictures! OMG Nolemana did a fantastic packing job! I’m simply amazed!

    As usual, I loved the tour and enjoy every snap shot of it. I’m so glad you have the patience to share everything with us. Hugs

  5. Babooze says:

    U shua he neva like work in UPS owah somethin’. I da packah in da Ohana too so I no how fo’ pack lid’at too but i tink he git me beat wit all dat stuff. Next time we comin’ from Hawaii send heem ovah fo’ help pack. Mahalo fo’ da beautiful pitcah tour.

  6. Mokihana says:

    Da pics no show how Nolemana wen pack stuffs in da shelves of da bookcases and insai every singo nook and cranny was dea. Da oni thing we no could bring was my maddah’s amaryllis plant, cuz he woulda had foa holdum on his lap alla way home… absolutely NOMO room foa put it! But it wen go to one good home…

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