Tropical Beans In Oregon?

As an experiment this year, I ordered some pole beans seeds from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

We’ve had an unusually cool summer, and guess what? I shoulda grown Blue Lakes or Kentucky Wonders again. The plants came up great, but simply didn’t have enough heat to really blossom.

However, I have a few beans.

Enough to at least see how they taste.

And though I don’t have many, they’re still pretty.

I still have blossoms, but I think cold weather will hit before I have beans.

I’m disappointed, because I adore picking beans! There’s just something about snapping them off among the forest of leaves that brings such satisfaction to me. It’s kinda like a treasure hunt trying to find them. Sometimes I think I’ve gotten them all, but go back and find I’ve missed a whole bunch! And then eating them just-steamed a little later…. ho da ono!!

This year, I will have to savor the few that I have, and know that they came from back home. At least I have that.

Next day:

Well, I got a surprise. I went out to check on the beans, and guess what? I have baby ones! This one is just emerging from its blossom! It looks big, but in reality, it’s only about 1/4″ long.

Here’s another tiny one.

And two more! I really need something to show the scale of these. They really are manini!

I love the purple in this blossom.

So long as this warm weather holds, I may get more lidis!

*** Alla stuffs hea on my blog stay copyrighted. Dat means photos, words, typos, hamajangs of any kine. If u kakaroach [steal] um, den I going hunt you down and give you da giant slippah and whack u wit um until u promise u nevah going do dat again. And eh! I whack hard and I get plenny menehunes can track u down. Copyright © 2008. The content on this blog is the sole property of the author. Dat would be ME! ***

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4 Responses to Tropical Beans In Oregon?

  1. RONW says:

    brings back many memories.

  2. AFK says:

    Cool beans! Happy eating!

  3. They look wonderful, and bring back memories for me, too, of picking beans here in Oregon, and of a garden wall covered with wood roses my Mama said wouldn’t grow from the still-wet seeds I planted.

    I’m still thinking about ordering wood rose seeds from Hawaii, to grow here.

    I’m happy you found my blog, because it showed me yours! Adding you to my GoogleReader now…:o)

  4. amydeanne says:

    lol i love your “copywrite” statement at the end!

    very neat pictures!

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