Back Home Again

We are back home in Oregon. Back to the green, the mountains, the clean air, the rivers… and where I don’t have to pump my own gas!

We were gone for 10 days; the memorial service couldn’t have gone better, and all the siblings, wives and grandkids worked really well together in packing up those of Mom’s things that we wanted.

Nolemana and I began the long drive home on Wednesday; we drove as far as Ashland that day and fell into bed exhausted. The next morning we visited some special friends in Grants Pass, then came on home.

It’s going to take me a long time to download, caption, and post all the photos we took along the drive. Patience, Grasshoppah… you will see them soon.

Home. It sounds good and feels even better.

*** Alla stuffs hea on my blog stay copyrighted. Dat means photos, words, typos, hamajangs of any kine. If u kakaroach [steal] um, den I going hunt you down and give you da giant slippah and whack u wit um until u promise u nevah going do dat again. And eh! I whack hard and I get plenny menehunes can track u down. Copyright © 2008. The content on this blog is the sole property of the author. Dat would be ME! ***

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4 Responses to Back Home Again

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    Well, I was one who was waiting for you to get home. It just wasn’t the same knowing you were out and about and …. well you know what a mama-hen I am at worrying about my ohana out traveling. So… welcome home *jumps*

  2. AFK says:

    Welcome home. Good job. I’m sure things went smoothly because of all your hard work. Pamper yourself, at least for a couple of days – you deserve it. Hugs to N.

  3. pehea 'oe? says:

    Glad to read you are back home safe and sound.

  4. Babooze says:

    Welcome back Moki. Good dat u back online. m/

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