Rainier, Oregon, Part Chree

Eh, sorry for da delay. Life happens. Computer in da shop. But I stay back!

When I last posted about Rainier, we’d just seen that ‘way cool old bulldozer. Now, Nolemana and I are headed back down South on Highway 30 toward Scappoose, where ono grindz await us!

Heading down the hill near the Longview bridge. Ova dea.

I loved seeing the Columbia River. Ova dea.

We could see a barge in the distance. Up dea.

We passed by the bridge we’d driven over just a couple of hours earlier.

Finally we got to the Hawaiian Island Cafe, owned by Big Al and Kapua. I was so ‘ono for da grindz, my mouth was watering like crazy!

Outside our table, there was my favorite chicken.

Inside view of the cafe.

Too spicy for me, but I know someone (and you know who you are!) who would love it!

Kukui waited patiently in the car.

K’den. Now it’s time for a test.

1: What is this?

2: Okay, I’ll turn it over. Now do you know?

3: I know stay kinda blurry. But here, I took off the top.

Recess! Da grindz wen come! I wen get da Kahuna Plate, I think is called. Kalua pig, lomi salmon, mac salad, two scoop rice, kim chee, lau lau. Ho da ono!! I should note dat I couldn’t even grind half of it. So had plate lunch lidat foa two more days!

Nolemana wen get da teriyaki beef and pork. Gotta talk pidgin wit grindz lidis!

Back to da test.

4: I took it apart. Any guesses yet?

5: I wen put it together. That was a huge hint!

6: Heh heh.

7: Da answer! Portable hashi, a pressie from my friend Umeki. Shaka, yeah?

Who wen guess right from da very beginning?

Outside, there was a llama…

… who decided the grass was definitely greener on the other side of the fence. Ho da funny!

Fresh pua [flowers] on the table! I used my macro to get this shot.

I ordered the most amazing dessert. Ice cream malasadas.

A fabulous malasada with ice cream inside!! Oh. My. Gosh!! Ono to da max!! I thought I wen mahkediedead and went to heaven!!

We end this post with that dessert. Cuz it’s pretty hard to follow. But stay tuned. Get some kewl stuff in da next chapter!

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4 Responses to Rainier, Oregon, Part Chree

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh, yummy! I think that KC Drive-Inn used to serve malasada ice cream, too, and they were very ono after polishing off a waffle dog or some oxtail soup.

  2. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh my, such a wonderful way to spend time traveling around like that and then enjoy such a fab meal. I loved the pictures as usual Mochi Hana! Oh and btw, I knew they were hashi!

  3. Meredith says:

    Wah! Wah! Wah! I WANT some!

  4. AFK says:

    I’m ono for lunch and it’s on’y 8:30 am! Argh! I’m glad you guys had good time.

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