Da Hawaiian Coffee Beanz Fishie

I can’t stop knitting these fish! This is my second one and I’ve just started on my fourth! As I was knitting this one, he told me he wanted to live at Hawaiian Beanz. I checked with Mike to make sure it was okay, and when he said “Sure!”

I made sure the fish could be suspended high enough from the ceiling that no one could possibly kakaroach [steal] him. Affirmative on that one, too!

I just finished the fish last night; I didn’t felt him down as far as the first one so he’d still look good up in the air.

I can’t wait to give him to Karie and Mike and the rest of the gang at my favorite coffee shop!

Wanna see a close-up?

From the front:

The other side:

More totally gratuitous photos~

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5 Responses to Da Hawaiian Coffee Beanz Fishie

  1. AJK says:

    Verra, verra cool. His eyes make me think of coffee beans!

  2. Lika says:

    I like this one. Is it soft and cushy?

    You know how else you can display’um ~ wot about one empy aquarium and put da kine shiney blue & clear shreded cellophane fluff’um up la dat and puinsai da fishes. Or if get one fat shadow box you can display’um la dat too. You know wot I mean…..lol

    Hooo you going have to make one shark and octapus, whatelse; NEMO? Wot about a HONU?

    You could sell’um on etsy.com – make gas money you!

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    Now you know what to give for Christmas pressies yeah? They’re perfect! I have stuffed fishies in my bathroom even (hint hint). HUGS They’re awesome!

  4. Jenny says:

    So nani da colors! I bet they going be thrilled to get it at Hawaiian Beanz.

  5. pehea 'oe? says:

    This is so cute. I love all the colors.

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