Mokihana’s Nani Sailboats

See Mokihana’s nani [pretty] sailboats. See them on a rainy day. See their bright colors. See the red sail. See the blue sail. See the yellow sail. See the green sail.

Mokihana is happy. Mokihana loves sailboats. Sailboats remind her how she used to go sailing with her papa-san out in the Pacific Ocean around O’ahu.

See the rain moving closer. See Mokihana’s nani sailboats turn in the wind. See them go ’round and ’round.


See Mokihana’s nani sailboats. See the yellow sailboat. See the red sailboat. See the blue sailboat. Can you see the green sailboat?

See Mokihana’s nani sailboats all lined up in a row.

See the sky get darker. See Mokihana’s sailboats turning ’round and ’round.

See the wind blowing a little harder. See Mokihana’s nani sailboats turning a little faster.

See the leaves in the trees flying all over. See the branches moving back and forth. See Mokihana’s nani sailboats turning even faster.

Look, look! Mokihana is getting dizzy. See Mokihana trying to take a photo. Silly Mokihana.

See Mokihana’s nani sailboats. Mokihana’s nani sailboats are racing! Can you find the red sailboat?

See Mokihana’s nani sailboats. See them go faster and faster and faster.

See Mokihana’s nani sailboats. Can you find the red sailboat again?

See Mokihana’s eyes begin to cross. See Mokihana turning ’round and ’round like the sailboats.

See Mokihana going back into the house. Mokihana is dizzy. See Mokihana bang into the wall. Hear Mokihana say a bad word. Funny, funny Mokihana.

See the wind blow hard. See Mokihana’s nani sailboats go the fastest they’ve ever gone before.

Look, look. Mokihana’s nani sailboats are flying. Mokihana’s nani sailboats are speedy.

Mokihana got the photos she wanted. See Mokihana smile. Happy, happy Mokihana.


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6 Responses to Mokihana’s Nani Sailboats

  1. Julie says:

    nani nani sailboats, happy, happy Mokihana
    nicely done


  2. blueyecicle says:

    Needs to be a children’s book!!!

  3. Mokihana says:

    Actually, that was my major in college with a goal of writing keiki stories. Too bad nomo mo’opuna to give to, yeah?

    Thanks both of you!

  4. Jenny says:

    Da colors make me happy!

  5. Wow, those things got to ripping around there.

  6. Marguerite Lani Sibayan says:

    I totally agree, this should be a children’s book. Check out the Kamehameha School Publishing Company.

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