A Chemo Cap for Kerrie

My friend Kerrie was recently diagonosed with cancer, and began her chemo last week. She is a vibrant, full-of-life person, who has an incredible gift as a watercolor artist. She is creative and funny, and I wanted to make her something special. I decided on a chemo cap, and chose Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk to make it with.

I found a wonderful pattern on Ravelry, and began the cap last week. I like the eyelets in it, which ended up looking like little hearts. I am really pleased with the way it turned out (despite my hamajang Row 3 which I ended up ripping out and knitting all over again). Because it has been rainy and cold, my flowers are all gone, yet I wanted to find a creative way to photograph the cap before giving it to Kerrie tomorrow.

First, I tried it on Kukui. It didn’t work very well. Talk about baleful looks!

This is a pretty good shot:

Still yet, I wanted something that would show how the cap looks on a head.

The bunny loved it! She wanted to keep it, but when I explained why she couldn’t, she was happy to take it off so that it could hopefully bless a special friend.

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5 Responses to A Chemo Cap for Kerrie

  1. namhla says:

    Mokihana, your friends are truly blessed to have you in their lives … I feel wamr just knowing you from the lanai and the gatherings … you are one SPESHUL woman, and I know that the angels look down and smile on you every day …

  2. Jenny says:

    The look on Kukui’s face cracks me up! It’s the same look that my dog gets when you put anything on her, the look of “Now what!?”

    The chemo cap is beautiful and I bet Kerrie’s going to love it. What a wonderful friend you are.

  3. blueyecicle says:

    Your thoughtfulness always inspires me!

  4. Lika says:

    Awesome. You know that pattern has “good pukas” you can stick flowas on da side for AlohaFriday kine.

    White or black? I like ordah one……how much you charg…..two dolla ten ninety eight? LOL
    Black one? White one? White will look nice with the plumerias la dat yeah, K-White!

    You know PINK is in and fundraiser wise…..make a bunch of pink ones. Hot pink. Baby pink. Shades of pink. Juss a thought………..

  5. Mokihana says:

    Aww… u folks so sweet! Yeah, right, two dolla ten ninety eight? Da yarn wen cost moa den dat!

    Actually, I don’t do fundraiser da kine… I like to make each thing special, like one of a kind for the person who need watevahs. And, I know I would get bored doing ukubillion of the same thing. But I love the idea of flowers in the pukas!! Maybe when I give it to her I will put pua in da puka!

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