Ladybug in the Rain

I’ve been so consumed with getting acquainted with Ravelry! I’ve been photographing yarn and projects and making friends and joining forums. Usually late at night, pau hana [end of work] time.
I was actually quite pleased with myself for the lovely yarn photos I’ve been taking.

Like this, for instance:

And this:

I have been trying to be as artistic as possible, though now that Fall is here, the flowers are almost gone and I’ll have to find other creative ways to take photos of my stash (assuming I really do it.. what a job!)


These are all photos of my sock yarn. This one is called “Ladybug”, by Opal. When the socks are pau, they will look kinda like there are ladybugs on my feet, which makes me smile.

There’s only one problem with the ladybug socks. In my frenzy of photographing the yarn, this previously lovely skein of yarn decided, as befits its name, to hide undersome green foliage. Looking for aphids, no doubt.

This is Oregon. In the Fall, in Oregon, it rains. And rains. And somehow, I didn’t see the ladybug skein hiding under the leaves.

Two days ago, while I was doing more photographing during an actual sunbreak, Nolemana said to me, “Moki, did you know there’s a skein of yarn in this barrel?”

Why no, I didn’t!

I took a look, and there was a very, very bedraggled skein of Ladybug yarn, drenched to the very inside, with maple tree “helicopters” lying on it.

I brushed off the dirt and gently squeezed out the water. There were no aphids. Nolemana said, “I guess you’ll have to throw it away, won’t you?”

“Heck no!” I replied, with just a touch of vehemence in my voice. Throw out a perfectly good, if wet, skein of yarn? No way!

I knew I’d have to let air get to the inside of the skein or it would begin to mildew. So I gently pulled it apart, exposing the very center, and put it in a basket. And for the past two days, Ladybug has been drying in front of the woodstove. (Not this close! This was just for photo ops.)


I know that I’ll have to rewind the skein. But it’ll be worth it in the end.

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7 Responses to Ladybug in the Rain

  1. madmom says:

    Hi Mokihana, I tried to send you a message last night, but twice got bumped off by power glitches, so I gave up for the sake of my computer. After reading a little of your blog about yarn, etc. I was going to say thanks for mentioning your shopping trip to Tues. Morn. My daughter knits, so I am thinking of checking that store out to see if I can find her any yarn for her Christmas stocking! As I was checking out some of your posts, I noticed a mention of the Fiber Fair in Clackamas County, then I noticed references to other places in Oregon and some maps of where you had been driving, etc. It looks like we are neighbors sort of. I live in Damascus south of Hwy 212 and I used to live on Sunshine Valley Rd. for many years. So, when I go to Tues. Morn. do you think there will be any yarn left? hehe. OK, time to go to work. PS: Nice flower photos.

  2. kris says:

    yep, ravelry will do that to ya! 🙂 i love that STR skein, it’s gorgeous! and i love all the pictures with the plants, i think it really brings the colors out.

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh so that’s where you been! LOL Good to see you having fun with the time that you do have. I know you work awfully hard, but perhaps now you’ll be putting out even more awesome knitting, yes? Enjoy!

  4. Hi Moki! What is the yarn with all the gorgeous colors called? (The one right above the ladybug)

    Next Saturday I am going to my first ever fiber festival here in Michigan, if the weather cooperates.

  5. Mokihana says:

    Diana, that’s Dicentra Designs. Her colorways are absolutely amazing. Try go here:

  6. Ohhohhohhh!!!!!
    And it’s WORSTED!!!
    Thank you for the glorious heart candy. As I head into a mostly-grey Michigan winter, it will be wonderful to feast my eyes and pick out just the right skein to see me through!

  7. Mokihana says:

    Dicentra’s colors are amazing. If you read my blog entry for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, you’ll be able to see even more!

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