Numbah Two Aloha Prayer Shawl Pau!

I finished the Numbah Two prayer shawl (actually it’s more like Numbah Five) last week and gave it to my friend. She’d seen me working on it, but had no idea it was for her. We were at Bible Study at the home of the wahine [woman] I’d given the first one to, and we went outside for some privacy.

My friend was so touched when she opened the package, and began to cry, telling me that things have been so difficult for her lately and the shawl came at a perfect time. I explained how ke Akua [God] told me to insert the gold metallic thread randomly throughout the design to signify that no matter how dark her days seem to be, He is always there with her.


I am so glad to be used by ke Akua this way. I love that a seemingly simple project can be used to bring comfort to another person.



Numbah Two Aloha Prayer Shawl
Jaeger Baby Merino DK, Colorway “Yo-Yo”

The women in our Bible Study are making a prayer shawl for the sister-in-law of one of our friends. Each of us is knitting several rows on it, praying as we knit; when the woman is going through chemotherapy, she can have the shawl/lap robe with her. She can feel comforted by the colors that she loves, knowing that many hands poured blessings over her as they knit, even though not all of us know her.

Prayer shawls. Such a simple concept, but what blessings for knitters and receivers alike.

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4 Responses to Numbah Two Aloha Prayer Shawl Pau!

  1. Julie says:

    it is a most nani shawl…..with extra warmth from loving hands that knit it anden ke Akua who wen give the idea.

  2. MonicaPDX says:

    Just gorgeous! And a beautiful, loving hug – bright blessings!

  3. Lika says:

    I like the design/pattern. I must be going thru a pink phase, I really like da pink pink you so stink color. I bought a pink shirt today too. This shawl matches somebody’s pink hair. LOL

  4. Katie says:

    Just beautiful! I saw the patten on ravelry, looked it up and found yours. I thinks making and giving a “healing gift” heals us as we create. I belive God blesses those who pray for others as much as those we pray for. Katie

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