Tropical Color in Damascus!

Every Fall, when temperatures begin to drop dangerously low foa my tropical plants (of which get many!), Nolemana resigns himself to the fact that our dining room, which really isn’t a dining room at all (because it’s filled with all my creative stuffs like yarn and fleece and beads and Hawaiian quilting and… oh, nemmine!), will now be crowded with the plants that can’t winter outdoors. He has given up asking, “Do we really need to bring these indoors?”, because the answer is always the same.  “Yes, we do!  ‘Cuz I no like um get mahkediedead ‘as why!”

So the Daturas, the hibiscus, the flowering cacti, and the amaryllis all get brought inside.  There is hardly room to move.  We do “uwehe, ‘ami and slide” around all the pots all though the Winter, and all Spring, until the temps have warmed up enough to take them back outside again.

Yeah, it can be a pain.  But try look at what I get as a reward!

Ho, da nani, yeah?


Is it worth it?  U betcha!

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2 Responses to Tropical Color in Damascus!

  1. pehea 'oe says:

    Now I have The Brother Cazimero song in my head. I would definitely say the trouble is worth it. Beautiful flowers.

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