Ho, Da HOT!

Today I wen holoholo ka‘a into town (Gresham) for go gym.  I like go gym early cuz I knew was going be choke hot today.  Sweat at da gym, den go out and sweat moa?  I no tink so! Us nomo air-conditioning in dis hale.  And da hale faces makai [towards the sea].  Da setting sun pours in da windows like one huge fireball.  We get one small a/c unit in da window, but on days lidis, it no can keep up.

When I wen leave Gresham, was about 92 degrees.  Okay, can hando. I wen come home and hana [work] in my office.  Den Nolemana and I had for holoholo ka‘a into town again. 

By dis time da sun wen grow five billion times its normal size, and was pouring heat on us.  I wen look at da car thermometer… ack!!!  105 degrees!!  Now dat might seem one big deal foa anybody in Las Vegas, oa Arizona, oa Death Valley, oa Iraq, oa da middo of da Sahara Desert.  But foa dis island girl, da dry, unrelenting heat jass wears me out.

I rememba when we first wen move to da mainland.  Was da middo of June, and temps were in da high 90’s and low 100’s every singo day.  I was jass dying.  My braddas and sista was dying.  Nomo trade winds.  Nomo nightly showers like we were used to in Mānoa Valley to cool things off.

I was so homesick.  I jass wanted to go back home.  I hated da dry heat, da high temps, da brown, ugly dry hills (dis was in California).  I was miserable, and tears wen fill my eyes every singo day.

I will neva forget da day dis one haole wahine wen come up to me.  Da temps were in da low 100’s, I was hot and feeling about as junk as could be… and she wen tell me, “Of course, you don’t feel the heat here like you do in Hawai‘i!”

Lucky foa her I get good manners, cuz I like karang her!  I was ten thousand million times moa hot den I had been back home. From den on it wen become one family joke every time da temps wen go up into da 90’s. 

“Of course, you don’t feel the heat here like you do in Hawai‘i”.  Hahahahaha.

I guess it all depends on wat u stay used to.  I wen grow up wit humidity and trade winds, and da oni time I wen feel hot was during Kona weather when nomo da trades.

Now dat I been on da mainland so long, I wonda, when I go back, if I going say, “Of course, you no feel da heat hea like u do on da mainland!” 



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5 Responses to Ho, Da HOT!

  1. I think it’s the humidity that really makes people hot. If you’re already used to it, then it’s ok, but for others, it is really, really hot and sticky!!!

  2. Lika says:

    Eh you guys neva even break 100.

    112 Phoenix!

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh heavens, you would absolutely melt if you lived where I live. I avoid going out during the summer days. The humidity is a killer. Above 90 degrees and humidity 100%? I don’t think so! It’s like stepping into a sauna at times. It’s during days like that I’m missing California’s arid summers. Humidity sucks. No, wait. It doesn’t suck, it SPITS! LOL. Hang in there sista, summer will come to an end, then we shall live again! Yay!

  4. pehea 'oe says:

    It was very hot yesterday. It got up to 99 here in grays harbor, even set a record. It wasn’t that bad until time for moi moi! We tried to sleep in the hale, but ended up out in the bus! It was much cooler outside.

    Today, we actually have some wind so it will be much better today.

  5. Clare Bear says:

    It’s pretty much been in the upper 90’s to low 100’s here foa at least the last 3 weeks. No way anybuddy wen let da kids play outsai ‘cept afta 7pm wen stahts to cool down (not even anbuddy at da subdivision’s pool).

    So many parents stay bolo headed now cuz dey wen pull dere hairs out tryin foa not smack da kids dat’s drivin dem crazy! “We wanna go outsai! We wanna go outsai! We wanna go outsai!” (I’m one of da lucky ones dat works outsai da hale, so ohny my hubby stay goin’ bolo headed hea.)

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