I Need Moa Fingas!

I am good at multi-tasking.  Sometimes I drive Nolemana crazy because I can talk on the phone and do data entry at da same time.  Data entry with numbers, dates, square footage.  Dat kine stuff.   But the one thing I can’t do is figure out how to work at da computer and knit at da same time!  I sit here doing appraisal work, but inside my head, I have visions of socks and sweaters and hats and shawls!  I try and do my work faster so that I can get back to knitting, but something always interferes!  Like hana [work]!

I could be like Edward Scissorhands.  Only instead of scissors for hands I could have knitting needles!  One hand can do computer kine hana… clickity click on the keyboard.  The other one, knitting a pair of socks! Clickity click with the needles. I can see it!! Twice as much gets pau in the same amount of time!

Mokihana Knittinghands.  Has a nice ring to it, yeah?

I’m not as cute as Johnny Depp though.  Even with the hair.


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3 Responses to I Need Moa Fingas!

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    I think, my dear friend, that you are hooked on knitting! These days they should call it, “Fiber Art”. To me, that’s what I see you do. You knit together fiber and create art.

  2. Islandhippo says:

    I think you just need to learn to either type or knit with those little tootsies of yours. Whatchu tink?

  3. pehea 'oe says:

    I have one friend who can knit and type at the same time. It’s very odd to watch.

    I often have things that I want to do, and try to work harder to get to what I want to do quicker, but work just keeps coming. Sometimes I just have to make myself stop for a bit and enjoy myself.

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