My Angel’s Trumpet Stay Blooming!

I love Angel’s Trumpet (Datura)!  I know they are poisonous, but they’re also so onaona [fragrant] that I rarely think of da bad stuffs about them. Besides, I get nomo plans to cook and eatum foa dinna!  When I see da blossoms, I picture angels holding them to their lips and blowing a sweet sound from heaven. This year Nolemana wen get me a white one, and yesterday it just bloomed foa da first time.  Da sun was just going down when we took da photos, so da blossoms look small kine melemele [yellow].


I love seeing alla new blooms getting ready to open!


I wen use one macro to get dis nani shot:


And also dis one:


Ho da nani, yeah?

My big one from lass year is no where close to blooming yet; dis white one is new dis yea, and it was in one greenhouse foa da winta so got one head start.  When da big one blooms, I going go post photos of dat one too!

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3 Responses to My Angel’s Trumpet Stay Blooming!

  1. pehea 'oe says:

    oooh. very nani! looks like you have lots of great plants on your lanai.

  2. wendi says:

    Oh, that’s just beautiful! Lovely porch too. Sigh. I wish we had nice kine porch like that, or maybe some grass even! Instead of all the cement around our house (in whisper: we live with out inlaws, you know how ol’ people stay about taking care of da yard and den).

  3. Julie says:


    I love that word picture, hmmmm sweet sound in 3D

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