Lately I’ve been writing haiku.  Dunno why.  For some reason, it seemed to be the best way to express some stuffs I was feeling. 

5-7-5.  How hard can that be?  Surprisingly hard.  Still yet, I tried.  So I thought I would share wat I wrote.


Birds on my fuchsia

Fir trees blowing in the wind

I feel peace, for now.


Cold, gray day outside.

A fire burns in the fireplace

I should be warm now.


‘Ukulele purrs

asleep, nestled beside me

comfort dressed in fur.


I wake up early

There is more darkness than light

Outside, swallows fly.


Four in the morning

swallows chittering outside

flying alarm clocks.


Ninety-four degrees

heat pushes me to the ground

is the sun angry? 



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3 Responses to Haiku

  1. Julie says:

    wow…love it

  2. pehea 'oe says:

    lovely. I specifically like the last one. Was that one written this weekend. It was so hot on Sunday down that way. It was 62 on the Harbor and in the 90’s by the time I got to Portland.

  3. Mokihana says:

    I wrote it in the middle of the week when it was that hot. Ho da hot!! Mahalo for all your comments!

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