Another WIP

I saw this scarf made up and fell in love with it, even though I haven’t done a lot of short row stuffs.  Oni easy!  Sarah at  Knot Another Hat didn’t have the colorway I wanted, though she does carry Teseo yarn.  I did find the colorway I loved at Foothills Yarn and Fiber

At first I thought I’d have to count every row, but nope!  It’s easy to tell when to turn around.

I’m working on this scarf alternately with Nolemana’s sweater (the sleeve is halfway pau).  I really like the yarn; it’s bulky enough that the knitting goes really quickly.

Scarf on heliotrope out on our lanai.

Cascade Yarns Triangle/Short Row Scarf (F121). Cascade Di. Ve Teseo Yarn

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3 Responses to Another WIP

  1. Destiny says:

    Nice work. It is so pretty. I heart the di’ve yarn too. I did a couple hats for my family this winter and they were recieved with lots of ohhhh’s and aww’s. I have 3 FO’s I hope to post on my blog soon.. Take care..

  2. Hi there – found your website today and I love, love, love reading about knitting in pidgin. It is so awesome! I am from Hawaii but haven’t lived there in a loooooong time so lost da pidgin already.

  3. sharon says:

    Love that yarn! It’s soft and cuddly, and well suited to the stitch pattern you used.

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