The Concert is Pau!

Today I met with Julie, Umeki and Snowflake at Hawai‘i Beanz for our regular Saturday mini-gathering.  Armed with a hot decaf mocha, my lifeline in place, and Julie ready to wind the frogged yarn, I took a deep breath and began to frog the sleeve.  Sounds of kanikapila (that only I could hear… ho da scary that!) filled the air as I slowly ripped out the sleeve.  One good thing about frogging; I love the little pops as the yarn is ripped from its loops.  It feels kinda cool, actually.  I frogged down to my lifeline, which was about two rows above where I needed to be (I’d done that on purpose) and put the loops back on the needles.  I tinked back to where I needed to be, and wow!  LC had been right on!  There was my first decrease!  So now I knew all I needed to do was to knit three rows, and then do my next decrease row.

I am back on track.  LC helped me figure out where I’d gone wrong. People on KnitList and KnitTalk had encouraged me, telling me that frogging was just part of knitting.  The pattern designer even emailed me, giving me great help.  Umeki, Julie and Snowflake were understanding and supportive.  Yes, the sleeve is back to the beginning, but it’s okay.   I have learned a lot during this process, and the catastrophe (that’s how it felt on Wednesday) is pau.

The neckband is done, and so is the bottom band.  Nolemana is happy.  I have visited the frog pond and have left it.

Imua.  I have begun again.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I like the colors in this. I didn’t read back through previous posts, but did you post somewhere what yarn this is?

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