How Kewt Is An Alpaca?

A couple of years ago, this wahine, Sherrie, brought over her alpaca named Mocha, hoping to lure our llamas, who needed shearing, down to the barn.  Sherrie was going to do the shearing, but the llamas no like get sheared.  But in the meantime, we got to see her kewt, kewt alpaca, named Mocha. Look at this unbelievably kewt face!!

And from the side, he is such a kewtie!

When Sherrie gave up trying to catch the llamas, she just put Mocha back into the van:

And both of them were ready to go!  We have carried sheep in the back of our van, but nothing as kewt as Mocha!


Imagine the looks of other peeps as they drove by her and saw Mocha next to her in the front seat!

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1 Response to How Kewt Is An Alpaca?

  1. NancyMaria says:

    Who could resist one of those very adorable creatures!
    One sitting in the front seat would certainly turn heads!

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