Knitting Worship Socks on Hawaiian Time

With the extra time I’ve had in the last couple of weeks, the worship socks are coming right along.  I’m just about ready to start the toe decreases for Sock 1, and am well into the foot of Sock 2.  Another week should do it. When I started them, I wanted to know how long it would take me to knit a pair, so I really tried to keep track of my time. 

But picture this:  I wrote down the time I started yesterday, and the delightful 11-year old daughter of the owners of Hawai‘i Beanz Coffee Company (nee Aloha Espresso) came up to talk to me about what I was knitting.  This led into a conversation about a wahine she’d seen knitting at a basketball game, and she was trying to describe the kind of needles the wahine was using.  I drew a rough picture of circular needles on my notepad and asked her if that’s what they looked like, and yes, that was exactly it.

That led to a conversation of circular needles, and straight needles, and why did were my dpn’s pointed on each end as opposed to the straight ones with the blobs on the ends?

And that led to my offer to help her learn to knit.  Her mom and dad raise alpacas in addition to owning Hawai‘i Beanz, and she’d like to learn how to knit scarves and hats.

When we started talking, I didn’t write down my stop time, nor did I keep on knitting.  This is the first time she has come up to talk to me other than a brief “hi”, and I wanted to give her my full attention, complete with eye contact.  I wanted to connect with her.

I bet we talked for 15 minutes.  So in my mind, I subtracted that amount of time from my stop time.  Which I forgot to write down when another friend came in who I hadn’t seen in awhile and I had something important to tell him.  Then I forgot to write down my next start time.  And oh wait, is this start time for the first sock or for the second?

Do I have to subtract time when I stop knitting to drink my latte for a few minutes?  Oh, how about a lua [bathroom] break?  Oh wait, I need to stretch my hands.  And then, oh Julie is saying something really important, I want to look her in the eyes when she’s talking. 

Then Mike, the kane [male] owner of Hawai‘i Beanz, brought over his new employee to meet us, so Julie and I talked to him while I stopped, knitted, then stopped, then started up again. 

I gave up.  The socks will take as long as they take to get knitted.  Just because most people take a certain amount of time to knit a pair of socks, does that mean I have to take the same amount of time?  Nope.  I am on Hawaiian time, after all.  Fifteen hours to knit a pair of socks?  If can, can.  If no can, no can.  Cool head main ting. 

And anyway, how can you hurry worship?  I pray for the wearer of these socks as I’m knitting.  He won’t hurry through worship while wearing them.

Hawaiian time knitting.  I like it.


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4 Responses to Knitting Worship Socks on Hawaiian Time

  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful socks, love the colors.

  2. kahukunet says:

    they certainly are coming along.

  3. NancyMaria says:

    I love your socks! The colors are also beautiful! Your posts are very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Destiny says:

    I was reading you past blogs on the worship socks. What a blessing. I was inspired to do the same thing recently with a lady at our church. She was admiring the bday gift socks I was working on and asked for her own pair.
    My family is from Moloka’i and Maui so I crack up at the pidgin… Love, LOVE, love it..

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