A Sweater For Nolemana, Part Two: Trusting the Process

This afternoon I spent a wonderful two hours with some special friends at Aloha Espresso in Damascus, where we all kitted, talked stories, and drank coffee or tea.  I took along my Joseph’s Coat blanket, which I began knitting over a year ago and have been sluggish about finishing.  Other yarns and projects have called to me, and I  followed their siren songs and entreating voices.  What can I say? I am shameless! 

This evening, I got out Nolemana’s sweater.  Accountability via this blog is proving to be a good incentive.  I don’t want people leaving comments such as:
“Eh Mokihana!  Assamatta u?  Wassup wit Nolemana’s sweatah anden?”
Or: “Dear Mokihana, I am very concerned that Nolemana’s sweater, which you promised you’d work on, sits languishing in its basket while I watch you knitting socks instead”.
Or: “Mokihana, I have been faithfully checking your blog twelve times a day to check out the progress on Nolemana’s sweater.  I see nothing.  Do you have any idea at all how much time you’re making me waste?”   ( We will not discuss the psychological ramifications of “making” someone do anything.  Obviously, I would not be at someone’s house physically forcing them to click on the URL for my blog).  But I digress.
Or: “Hey, Mokihana, what about my sweater?  It still looks the same to me.  I am feeling hurt that you’ve abandoned it once again!”
Or worse yet:  “Mokihana, this is the Sweater Police.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you.  You are not entitled to any kind of defense.  Your only option is to get your okole in gear and get busy on Nolemana’s sweater.  Failure to comply will result in the seizure of your stash until the sweater is pau.  Do you understand these rights?”
I knit several rows and ended up doing it wrong, and had to tink back about two rows.  But I got everything straightened out, and now I have joined the first few rows, which were begun by knitting flat.  Now I get to go ‘round and ‘round, increasing every other row. 
I have to trust the process.  I had to cast on an additional 13 stitches, and where I did it looks kinda weird compared to the rest of the sweater.  Maybe it’s like turning a sock heel:  Just do it, don’t ask questions or try figure it out.  It looks better than it did the other day.  I really am making progress!

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1 Response to A Sweater For Nolemana, Part Two: Trusting the Process

  1. Nolemana says:

    Thank for sending me to the updated blog. Those comments are a real kick. I appreciate your working on it. I am really looking forward to wearing it WITH PRIDE!!!!!!


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