Sunset From Da Lanai

One of da tings I love about our hale it dat is faces makai, so we get some nani sunsets.  Dis aftanoon I stay hana in my office; it looks out into da forest.  I can see plenny manu coming to da feedahs, and da llamas wen dey come into da forest at night.  But nomo da sunset. But late dis aftahnoon, I wen see small kine pink in da sky outsai, so I wen go out to da dining room (moah commonly known as da wool stash room), and ho!! Da sunset was jass amazing!  Da sun was jass going down, and da sky was so bright wit color I wen stand deah in awe.“Camera!!  Wikiwiki!” I wen say to myself.  Hoping I get enuf battery left, I wen grab it and da memory stick.  I wen snap two photos, one in front of da Oregon Bigleaf Maple trees, bare in wintah, and da oddah one, from da middo of da lanai.

  Ke Akua wen paint one nani, nani peecha tonite!




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1 Response to Sunset From Da Lanai

  1. Sheila says:

    OH MY!! What a beautiful sunset? We are so fortunate to live in the NW.

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